Paul O. Zelinsky to appear at Greenlight Books on Saturday (11/1)

On Saturday, November 1, at 11 AM, Paul O. Zelinsky, the beloved children’s book author and illustrator and Brooklyn resident, will read from and draw from the new book “Circle, Square, Moose,” written by Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Mr. Zelinsky. He’ll also lead a shape-themed art activity – watch out for Moose’s mischief! Ages [...]

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Talking Ebola, Politics and Pathogens

Please explain this to me. If a doctor is willing to go to West Africa to help Ebola victims, what the HELL is the big deal about a few weeks of Quarantine?

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The Myth of Western Pop Supremacy: Prologue to a Scott Walker/Sunn O))) Review

There is a gorgeous arrogance to the idea of Western Pop Music, a truly child-like presumption that our kind of music is pretty much the kind of music. We assume, with the hydrocephalic, grinning visage of a Family Circus character, that throughout the history of mankind all pop music has pretty much sounded like the [...]

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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “The Assault” by Harry Mulisch

In January 1945, Haarlem in the Netherlands still awaits liberation from the Nazis. Anton Steenwijk, 12 years old, lives with his mother, father and older brother in a canal-side house, among four houses that were meant to be the beginning of a housing development. The Steenwijks have kept their heads down throughout the Occupation, and [...]

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Tell the Bartender Episode 45: This Time, It’s Personal

Listen to Episode 45: This Time, It’s Personal Download From iTunes Here In this Episode: The Bartender is joined by herself because her computer somehow lost all of her yet-to-be-released interviews (and all of GarageBand!) so the very special Halloween episode will be up next week BUT Katharine didn’t want to leave you hanging. So, for the […]
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Tim’s Favorite Bassists (A GROHL-FREE COLUMN)

Inevitably, after you compose a Best-Of list you remember the one or three or eight names/albums/bands you’ve omitted. But there’s one list that’s always been pretty goddamn stable for me, and that’s the list of my favorite bass players. Now, some caveats: I’m pretty much just talking rock/pop here. God knows there are plenty of [...]

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Footnotes to the Prologue of a Manifesto

I have nothing against Dave Grohl. I’m serious. The Foo Fighters are an incendiary live band, Grohl has a genuine appreciation of the less-obvious edges of hardcore era that semi-spawned me, and even if he made a song that is worthy of G.E. Smith being hired by Toyota to write an Alarm imitation, I am [...]

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Dave Grohl is Killing Rock ‘n’ Roll, Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll: Prologue to a Manifesto

We need a true form of musical activism. We need artists willing to risk everything to expose the cultural atrocities and mammon-driven careerist lies spread by the wheezing rock’n’roll machine.

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#BroadwayBomb: If You’re Over 16 and Your Last Name is Not Hawk Get Off the Skateboard

The Broadway Bomb happened Saturday. This is an illegal and epic display of douchery and a fine example of the slow death of New York City. At its very best this is an example, like SantaCon or Pants Off Subway Ride, of the groupthink lemming like dig me behavior of that crazy group known as [...]

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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “Gods Behaving Badly” A Novel by Marie Phillips

Eternity is a long time, even for an immortal. Thanks to a good real estate deal in the 1660s the Greek Gods have been living in London for some time, or so the premise of Marie Phillips’ hilarious novel has it. Although they are heartily sick of each other, they avoid mortals to the extent [...]

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October, 1969: The New York Mets Invent Me

Before we believed in Beatles, before we believed in Kinks, before girls made us damp with tears or uselessly electric with desire, before we even dreamed of The City and its’ promise of midnight diners and the perfect glamour of sun-gleamed Pan Am buildings, we had baseball. Before we were swept away by every passion [...]

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Timbits! Billy Idol! The Stranglers! EBOLA!

U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! U.S. NEWS MEDIA:  Ebola! HODOR:  Hodor! TIMMY:  Scott Walker and Sunn O)))! NEXT.  My Breakfast [...]

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Pro Football Returns to Brooklyn: Bolts Play Tonight in Coney Island

Professional football will be played tonight in Brooklyn for the first time in 70 years and if it’s successful, the players—all of whom are hoping to catch on with the National Football League—won’t last the season. “The Brooklyn Bolts are bringing professional football back to Brooklyn for the first time since 1949,” proclaimed Borough President [...]

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Kumble Theater Presents: “The Opulence of Integrity” about Muhummad Ali’s Life, Activism

Muhammad Ali, perhaps the world’s most famous living athlete, once boasted that he was so agile he could “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. So what might the now 72-year-old former heavyweight boxer say about The Opulence of Integrity, a four-movement dance series inspired by Ali’s life and legacy being performed this [...]

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Dwell Thinks Its Aviation-Inspired Sheets Are ‘Inappropriate’ for My Daughter

Here’s the thing about getting overly excited by the arrival of a catalog of high-end nursery furnishings: one way or another, you’re going to…
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