Struggle Bus Episode 5: Awful People from Your Past, Struggle Buddies, and Wanderlust on a Budget

Listen To Episode 5 Subscribe On iTunes In this episode Kate and Sally respond to a listener’s question about what to do when an awful person from her past is internet-famous for being a great guy.
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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “How to Be a Good Wife” a novel by Emma Chapman

Fears, and our response to them, can be logical and constructive. Other times, perversely, we respond irrationally – sometimes we’re deluded, sometimes shocked or traumatized. Or we might be suffering from mental illness. Exploring the boundaries of her characters’ fears provides the structure and themes of Emma Chapman’s engrossing new novel “How to Be a [...]

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The Kinks: The Beatles of Outsiders

Do you know what a “Familiar” is?  A Familiar is an object or entity that appears in varying guises to assist you or accompany you on your travels. We likely all have artists or bands that are our Familiars, even if we’ve never quite identified them like that.  These are artists who “follow” us through [...]

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Eff You, Beatles: Or Why You Need To Know About “Rockin’ Rochester USA”

It is a strange, beautiful, brutal, and bittersweet song. It is not just a window into the past, but a glimpse at a lost future. It is two and one-quarter minutes of true, original, and primitive American rock’n’roll.  It integrates the most feral forms of rockabilly, a vague scent of vocal-group dynamics, the unstoppable downhill [...]

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Now ‘Movember’ Means Mental Health, Too

The grow-your-stache in November public awareness campaign that is “Movember” has, in the past, focused on prostate and testicular cancer. But this year, mental…
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Kim Kardashian, The Mother of Fame, Versus Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner, the Mothers of Freedom

Yesterday, the media/interweb obsession with Kim Kardashian reached a kind of panic-like fury that could only have been equaled if a 168-foot tall Kim had appeared in Columbus Circle and blown the rampaging Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Also this week in The United States of America: It was announced that the Presidential Medal of Freedom is [...]

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Episode 47: LIVE with Myka Fox and Keisha Zollar!

Listen to Episode 47: LIVE with Myka Fox and Keisha Zollar! Download From iTunes Here In this Episode: The Bartender is joined by Myka Fox and Keisha Zollar for another wonderful live show. PLUS listener shout outs, and we play Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice! Recorded at UCB East, NY, NY as part of the New York Comedy Festival. Like the […]
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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “Benediction” by Kent Haruf

Kent Haruf’s meditative new novel “Benediction” is, like his previous books “Plainsong” and “Eventide,” set in the high plains farm country of eastern Colorado. “Benediction” follows four families in small-town America over the course of a summer. Dad Lewis, the owner of the hardware store still in business on Holt, Colorado’s Main Street, has been [...]

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Acker Bilk and Instrumentals of Exquisite Melancholy

In his masterpiece The Tin Drum, author Gunther Grass writes of a character who is able to “turn feelings into soup.” The ability to summon an emotional response out of inanimate materials isn’t solely the province of Herr Grass’s fictional chef. Musicians can do this, too, though it is a rare and gifted musician who [...]

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1985: I Turn Down My Chance to Become a (temporary) Beastie Boy

In the middle of 1985, the Beastie Boys were on the precipice of breaking big. The “Rock Hard” single was getting a lot of attention, License to Ill was soon to be released, and the band had just been invited by Madonna to be the opening act on her Like A Virgin tour, Madonna’s first [...]

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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “Lawrence in Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East” by Scott Anderson

Notice the title of this book: it’s not “Lawrence of Arabia” (that’s a movie) or “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” (a memoir). “Lawrence in Arabia” is a penetrating, well-written history of the Middle East during the First World War. Scott Anderson’s clear and comprehensible book describes the tumult and cross purposes the major European powers thrust [...]

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Tell the Bartender Episode 46: Halloween Spooktacular!

Listen to Episode 46: Halloween Spooktacular! Download From iTunes Here In this Episode: David Lawson joins Katharine to tell the story about, well, the worst thing to happen while leading a “Ghost Tour” in a graveyard in Boston. And Lauren Hennessy is back to talk about a scary thing that happened while in a lighting booth for a […]
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New York City and Taylor Swift (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Change)

I do not blame Taylor Swift for embracing her role as the new face of New York City. I really, truly don’t. A long time ago, I learned that everyone has their own New York City, and everyone’s favorite New York City is their New York City. If you are a young person arriving in [...]

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Paul O. Zelinsky to appear at Greenlight Books on Saturday (11/1)

On Saturday, November 1, at 11 AM, Paul O. Zelinsky, the beloved children’s book author and illustrator and Brooklyn resident, will read from and draw from the new book “Circle, Square, Moose,” written by Kelly Bingham and illustrated by Mr. Zelinsky. He’ll also lead a shape-themed art activity – watch out for Moose’s mischief! Ages [...]

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Talking Ebola, Politics and Pathogens

Please explain this to me. If a doctor is willing to go to West Africa to help Ebola victims, what the HELL is the big deal about a few weeks of Quarantine?

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