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Brooklyn Tattoo Gets a Visit from Man Vs. Food’s Adam Richman

June 2, 2012


Brooklyn Tattoo’s  [99 Smith Street] Adam Suerte reports that fellow Brooklynite/TV star Adam Richman visited the shop this week to stock up on t-shirts.  His new show, Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America premieres on the Travel Channel on Wednesday (6/6) at 9pm. 

Adam For the last 3 years, Adam Richman, the host of the tv show Man vs. Food, has been stopping in once a year to stock up on our shirts. He has been seen wearing them on his show (Thanks Adam!). I truly appreciate it, and think his show is awesome. My 10 year old mimics his challenges (proportionately of course) His new show ‘America’s Best Sandwich’ just wrapped and will be airing soon, check it out!


Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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