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Dekalb Market’s Grumpy Bert Launches ‘Plush’ Exhibition

July 2, 2012

Smiles, everyone! Over the weekend, BHB pal/BH resident Grumpy Bert in Brooklyn launched the new art exhibition “Plush Stories: These Plush of Mine.” The showcase of personal stories & photos of plush toys includes 50+ exhibits from the likes of Scotland, Trinidad & Tobogo, the U.K. and Australia. Stories run the gamut, from heartbreaks to reunions. Bert says, “Some plush are simply cute, others just strange.” The exhibit runs through August 5.

Bert’s shop and mini gallery is located at the DeKalb Market in Downtown Brooklyn at 138 Willoughby Street, and offers a collection of “cutesy, artsy gifts, designer toys, art prints, books, magazines and apparel.” Owner/operator Bert says, “We’re just a little mom & pop business surrounding ourselves with things we love.” Pics from the June 30 Opening Night reception below the jump.

(Photos: Grumpy Bert)

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Invisible Dog Gallery Features Multi-Media Prune Nourry: Opening May 12

May 5, 2012

Saturday May 12 is the opening date for New York-based, Parisian-born artist & sculptor Prune Nourry’s “Holy River” exhibit at Cobble Hill’s Invisible Dog Gallery. The launch takes place 6-10 p.m., at 51 Bergen Street.

The show features the culmination of a three-year project on gender selection focused on India, which was first offered to the public in 2011 at the Holy Daughters exhibition in Paris. The multimedia exhibition comprises sculptures, installations, photographs and videos, which will take over the entire ground floor of the Invisible Dog.

Included in the opening night exhibition: Dance curated by Simon Dove (performed by Preeti Vasudevan),sound by Mitchell Yoshida, smell by Olivier Delcour and taste by Michael Hamilton of Kingswood.

For more on the exhibit, which runs through May 27, see here. For more on Prune Noury, look here. Read all about the Invisible Dog here.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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