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Halloween Horror: Author L.V. Salazar’s Ghost Stories Offer A Brooklyn Heights ‘Man In Flames’

October 25, 2012

Author L.V. Salazar’s “The Ghosts Of Brooklyn” offers spooky tales of a “house of suicides” in Brooklyn Heights, demonic wolves in Prospect Park and a coven of sperm-stealing witches in DUMBO. Writer Natalie O’Neill spoke with the self-proclaimed ghost specialist in The Brooklyn Paper.

In the piece, he describes “ghosts” as such: “Imagine two rooms connected by a revolving door. One is life and the other is afterlife. A ghost gets stuck in the revolving doors. They didn’t fulfill their purpose in this world—or something terrible & tragic happened—so they go around in circles for eternity.”

In his book of ghost stories, among other wicked happenings, a man bursts into flames in Brooklyn Heights. Fun! Read O’Neill’s interview here.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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