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Bike Share Program Delayed By ‘Software Glitch’ Until Summer’s End

July 20, 2012

New York’s City’s highly touted bike share program that included 600 locations in Brooklyn—but blew off Cobble Hill until at least Spring 2013—has been delayed because of what Mayor Bloomberg blames on a computer software glitch.

Boerum Hill was granted one of the CitiBike’s docks, on Fourth Avenue and Dean Street, with accommodations for 27 bikes, which was supposed to be installed in late July. But now the entire project has been stalled because “its software isn’t working yet,” Bloomie told the New York Times City Room blog. In typical flippant fashion, he added, “It’s fascinating. The people who did not want bicycle lanes at all are now screaming, ‘Well, where are they? Where are they? I want them quickly.’”

It’s unclear when the software issues will be resolved; the program’s website assures a start date sometime before the end of the summer. The bike share kiosks, most of which will be based in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights, include touchscreen monitors allowing riders to pay with credit or debit cards.

Aside from Boerum Hill, the closest bike share locations in the borough are in Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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NYC Bike Share Program: Cobble Hill Shunned Until At Least Spring 2013

May 13, 2012

New York City’s Bike Share Program has announced its citywide locations that include Brooklyn’s portion of 600 city bike share stations. If you’re hoping for a quick ride on the new blue “Citi Bikes” in Cobble Hill, forget it for now.

According to the city Department of Transportation, which is sponsoring the initiative with Alta Bicycle Share, Cobble Hill locations won’t be considered for at least a year. The closest locations in the borough are in Brooklyn Heights, Downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and Bed-Stuy.

The city’s DOT released a draft map of the first locations in this summer’s rollout of a portion of their 600 Bike Share docking stations. Phase II will debuted in Spring 2013, including Park Slope, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights and Crown Heights.

The installation of bike docking stations will begin in late July. The solar-powered, wireless docking stations will be located on sidewalks, curbside road space and plazas, and accommodate between 15 and 60 bikes each.

The closet dock to Cobble Hill will be on Fourth Avenue and Dean Street in Boerum Hill. According to the DOT, there will be 27 docks on the sidewalk at this location.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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