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Jo Anne Simon Wins 52nd AD Democratic Primary, Will Face Guitar Playing GOP Challenger in November

September 9, 2014

Jo Anne Simon won the Democratic nomination in the 52nd Assembly District Tuesday with opponents Pete Sikora coming in second and dark horse candidate/Brooklyn Heights resident Doug Biviano third. Simon was the winner of our Readers’Endorsement poll.

The Brooklyn Paper and the Brooklyn Eagle have different spins on Simon’s victory:

B’Paper’s headline: Dem machine holds strong in B’Heights Assembly race
Brooklyn Eagle’s headline: Complete Brooklyn primary results: Vindication for Simon; Hamilton over Dorancy; Barron is back

Simon will face GOP nominee John Jasilli who made headlines last year when he faced NYC Councilmember Steve Levin:

Metro: Councilman Stephen Levin, currently running on the Democratic ticket for re-election in the 33rd district, had just had dinner with a friend at Fornino’s at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. They were strolling through the neighborhood and happened to pass Montero’s, a little bar on Atlantic Avenue.

“I heard blues coming out of the bar and I thought that it was the juke box playing because it sounded like real, authentic, professional blues,” Levin recalled.

He had heard that his opponent, Conservative candidate John Jasilli, plays guitar there, he said.

“So I peeked my head in and there was a guy, he was playing kinda down-home blues with a slide guitar and he had a couple friends with him and it was excellent,” Levin enthused.

He and his friend decided to go in and take a seat. Levin still wasn’t sure that the star musician was his opponent, until a mutual friend of both him and Jasilli came in and said, “You know, that’s your opponent playing.”

“So they invited me up to jam with Jasilli!” Levin exclaimed.

We officially extend an offer to Simon and Jasilli to faceoff in a debate sponsored by BHB before the election in November.

Besides the 52nd Assembly District contest, Andrew Cuomo, the man who by some measures is responsible for closing Long Island College Hospital, defeated upstart challenger Zephyr Teachout.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Brooklyn Heights

Watch Candidates for the 52nd Assembly District Talk The Simpsons, Buzzfeed and Netflix at Brooklyn Heights Blog Debate

September 5, 2014

All politics is local – but how connected are politicians to “the locals?” Most everyone we know has watched The Simpsons, is either addicted to or hates Buzzfeed and they’ve definitely binge watched something on Netflix (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black etc).

BHB Candidate Interviews: Jo Anne Simon | Pete Sikora | Doug Biviano

So during BHB’s 52nd AD debate on Tuesday, your humble publisher thought it would be a good idea to ask the candidates about those topics. Heck, it’s what you’re talking about with “Bob” from accounting at the office Keurig machine… right? Behold our video of their responses, which might surprise you.

Vote in the BHB 52nd AD Reader’s Endorsement Poll Now

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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