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Montague Street BID Hires New Maintenance Firm

September 3, 2012

On August 1, the Montague Street Business Improvement District hired a new sanitation contractor, Block By Block, which BID says is a nationally recognized provider of supplemental sanitation and streetscape maintenance. Its team will be working year-round, seven days a week to keep Montague Street up to par.

The company brings to the neighborhood a “Special Projects” Ambassador to address specific maintenance issues, including graffiti removal, deep cleaning and other projects above and beyond typical cleaning services. Extended service hours will be in effect through the remainder of the summer during weekends. The new team’s uniforms are blue, with the Montague BID logo.

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What’s That Loud Noise Under the Promenade?

August 29, 2012

Longtime nabe resident “politegangsta” investigates the source of a really loud noise under the Brooklyn Heights Promenade in a YouTube video posted earlier this month. What is it? Find out after the jump.

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Residents Of 200 Hicks Street Concerned Bossert Hotel Conversion Will Create Noise, Safety Issues

August 10, 2012

A group of concerned residents who reside at 200 Hicks Street are taking to task the new owners of the Bossert Hotel at 98 Montague Street. Brooklyn Heights rez Elizabeth Bailey and her comrades believe the conversion plan currently before the Bureau of Standard and Appeals could create serious noise, traffic and safety issues in the area.

She writes to the Brooklyn Heights Blog: “Although residents of Brooklyn are happy, mostly, about our borough’s resurgence, or rather, emergence, those of us who live here because it is a quiet, safe place to live and bring up children, are worried that these developers are showing little regard to neighborhood concerns.”

New owners David Bistricer and Joseph Chetrit are seeking a variance to convert the hotel to a “commercial transient facility,” from its status as visitor housing for previous owner Jehovah’s Witnesses. The BSA has scheduled a hearing on the application September 11.

The group of residents at 200 Hicks, located at the northwest corner of Montague, say that the plan could deter the Heights’ peaceful persona “if it is done without regard to the nature and character of our residential community.” Bailey points to a New York Times feature on the Bossert from November 2011, in which Brooklyn Heights Association executive director Judy Stanton notes concerns about upkeep, “since Watchtower society placed a premium on maintenance, including the surrounding sidewalks and parks.” Stanton also intimates that the neighborhood may become livelier if the Bossert is converted into a high-end hotel.

Bailey writes, “The developers are proposing to increase the number of rooms from 224 to 302. Although they speak of creating a boutique hotel, over 300 rooms is a pretty big boutique. They also have plans to build a ground floor restaurant, event spaces (weddings and bar mitzvahs, etc.) and a bar on the rooftop. The developers contend that the increase in traffic on the busy corner of Montague and Hicks from their proposed hotel will be negligible.” She finds this “hard to believe.”

“There have been many articles in the New York press about the negative impact of noisy bars—particularly rooftop bars—on residential neighborhoods,” Bailey adds, citing Times’ stories here and here.

“We understand from press reports that both Chetrit and Bistricer have been publicly criticized for various aspects of their past real estate ventures. Among other controversial matters, Chetrit is one of the investors in the Empire Hotel near Lincoln Center, which has been the subject of a three-year battle that a West 62nd Street coop had to wage in the courts over ‘torment’ from the noise from its rooftop bar well after midnight,” Bailey says. “The developers are also involved with the Chelsea Hotel, which has been the subject of recent controversy. Noise and traffic: That’s what Brooklyn Heights residents are worried about.”

The 200 Hicks Street group proposes that restrictions be put in place on the proposed hotel/bar: “The aim is to limit the increase in noise and traffic that would compromise the safety and the character of this neighborhood.” Bailey invites public discourse of the issue, and is available via email at

Comments from the BHB community?

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Another Magnificent Brooklyn Heights Elm Doomed

August 7, 2012

It’s been a bad year for elm trees in the Heights. Just under a year ago, the great elm in the courtyard of the Mansion House, 145 Hicks Street, fell victim to Hurricane Irene. Now we have learned that the even larger and probably older elm in the courtyard of Grace Church (photo) off Hicks between Grace Court and Joralemon has been diagnosed with Dutch elm disease which, left to run its natural course, would kill the tree within a few years and likely infect others nearby. The church has announced, with sorrow, that the tree will be removed August 22nd and 23rd, just shy of the anniversary of the loss of the Mansion House elm.

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A Tree Falls on Henry Street

August 2, 2012

The War on Trees continues – A tree fell to its death on Henry Street near Clark yesterday. Karl Junkersfeld was there to capture it all on video. Watch after the jump.

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Brooklyn Heights Library Admits AC System Is Kaput

July 18, 2012

The Brooklyn Public Library has issued a one-sheet apologizing for the continued lack of air conditioning at its Heights branch, and the intermittent shutdown of the Cadman Plaza location as a result. “Please accept our apologies for the periodic closures at the Brooklyn Heights branch. The air conditioning system for most of the building no longer works, resulting in excessively high temperatures. In consideration of the safety of the Library’s patrons and employees, we are monitoring the temperature and closing the building as necessary,” the notice says.

Worse yet, because of the condition and age of the AC system, it cannot be repaired: “The only solution is to replace the entire system, which will take at least several months to complete upon receipt of the replacement equipment.” In its place, the branch is exploring a temporary central chilled water plant on the exterior of the building—which it admits will create “new disruptions related to noise and the smell of a diesel generator that must be refueled frequently”—as well as a timeline of several months to implement.

The library will continue to open the building only when “conditions are safe for the public and library staff,” although evening programs will continue as planned, since its auditorium has a separate AC system.

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Mountain of Garbage at Clark and Hicks Streets in Brooklyn Heights

July 15, 2012

At about 11:30 a.m. Sunday, we spotted this mountain of garbage surrounding the mailbox on the southwest corner of Hicks and Clark Streets. Another passerby was already on the phone with 311 to report the pileup which was made up of some household items and mattresses.

What happened? Someone moved and just got tired of putting garbage in the right place?

On another note, all public garbage cans along Hicks towards Joralemon (we were on our way to Pier 6) were also overflowing with trash.

Photo: Mrs. Fink

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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‘Water On The Go’ Drinking Fountains Keep Brooklyn Bridge Park Green

June 21, 2012

New York’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) intends to utilize Brooklyn Bridge Park as a showcase for New York City’s pristine water supply in the battle against bottled water’s waste of plastic. Both Pier 1 and Pier 6 will offer its “Water On The Go” program, which will bring portable drinking fountains to the locale throughout the summer. The porta-sips will also pop up along the Borough Hall Plaza.

According to a story in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Water on the Go units pretty much resemble portable sinks with six nozzles, hooked up to a fire hydrant by a tube. There are also bowls for pets. A station was set up outside during the Brooklyn Historical Society Brooklyn Brewery Beer Gardens event May 30 in Brooklyn Heights, pictured here.

BBP President Regina Myer told the Eagle, “As a waterfront park, we pride ourselves on being a destination that offers something for everyone, and we’re happy to add the… park’s Water-on-the-Go station.” Brooklyn Bridge Park participated in Water-on-the-Go last year as well.

Read the full story at Brooklyn Daily Eagle here.

(Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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Saturday in the Nabe, Through Mr. J’s Lens

June 3, 2012

It was a perfect weekend day, and Karl has the best of what Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Fulton Ferry Historic District had to offer: The P.S. 8 Paddlewheeler Festival! The secrets of compost tea! Gran Electrica’s backyard garden! Red admiral butterflies! See it all on his video after the jump.

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Car Fire On Brooklyn Bridge Thursday Evening

June 1, 2012

A fire could be seen on the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade Thursday evening around 9:15 p.m., with plumes of black smoke blowing from the mid-section of the bridge. It appears a car may have caught on fire, with sirens blazing. The majority of the smoke had dissipated within 20 minutes or so.

UPDATE: NBC Channel 4 files a report here. More pics below.

(Photos: Chuck Taylor)

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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