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Man On Unicycle Walks Dog Down Atlantic Avenue In Boerum Hill

October 3, 2013

Twitter user @txl201 caught a man on a unicycle walking his dog down Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill this afternoon.
Sure we’ve seen dog walkers of all shapes and sizes — even one on a scooter. But a unicycle? Heck, the only cool person we know of who rides one is Adam Carolla. But that’s another story.

So, what do you think? Is it crazy or awesome? You decide.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Beer Goggles: Park Slope Eye Doc @JustinBazan Breaks Out the Booze

February 10, 2013

The New York Post reports on Dr. Justin Bazan, a Park Slope eye doctor, who breaks out the beer and booze for patients on occasion. That’s legal, right? It’s like Mad Men era doctors smoking with their patients, right?

Heck, dilate our pupils and hang up a disco ball and we’ve got a party!

NYP: Patients are offered tea, snacks and craft brews on arrival. Most finish their libations in the lobby, but Bazan allows unfinished ales in the exam room, too.

One recent patient wanted to get pie-eyed after a hard day and asked for something stronger.

Bazan took out a bottle of Jack Daniel’s — left over from an art show held at the lens shop — and poured him Jack and Coke.

“The guy had a cocktail instead of a beer,” Bazan said. “He had three of them, actually.”

Not for nothin’ but it seems like Dr. Bazan is a regular Dr. Oz, what with the appearing on TV and the apparent hiring of a publicist (hey he got on WCBS-TV !):

Speaking of press, Business Insider called the good doc a “social media evangelist” who loves the Yelp (which….ahem… is mentioned in the NYP piece today) in a 2011 article.

Not all of Bazan’s Yelp reviews are great, as this excerpt shows:

Like at least one other reviewer, I also witnessed Dr. Bazan verbally berate his staff in front of customers, which is consistent with his hostility toward any critical reviewer on this page. (Take note, especially, of the instance where he responded by posting details of a customer’s medical care on Yelp, which needless to say is unethical behavior for a medical professional.)

I’m truly disappointed PSE turned out to have so much baggage – I was very happy with my treatment, and wish the rest of the experience had matched it.

Like any decent “social media evangelist”, Bazan engages his critics and responded:

Anyone who knows me ,knows I have a huge heart and my head is always in my patients shoes. We maintained a perfect 5 star rating for over 100 yelp reviews. However, when we reminded people that they owed money, the boo brigade began. Sometimes a little pruning is needed if you want to have a prize rose bush.

Love him or hate him you have to respect Bazan’s hustle!

NY Post photo

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New Art Spaces Open On Cobble Hill’s Bergen Street

January 25, 2013

Two cultural spaces are opening at 47 Bergen Street in Cobble Hill, next door to the Invisible Dog gallery: Recession Art, an affordable art gallery and store; and the Beam Center, a non-profit learning and youth arts development organization. Both organizations have held shows and events in the Invisible Dog space before, and will collaborate there again in the coming months.

Brownstoner reports that this is the first permanent location in Brooklyn for both organizations. The “Grand Re-Opening” of Recession Art is scheduled for March 9, with regular hours 1-7 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday, and 1-5 p.m. on Sunday. (Photo: Brownstoner)

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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So It Begins – No Pants Subway Ride

January 13, 2013

Improve Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride began at 3pm Sunday afternoon. Of course folks needed to share this “experience” via the Twitter and other social media.

For those of you who care about such things here it is:

No Pants Subway Ride NYC 2013

This non-sense has to stop.

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle· Sun, Jan 13 2013 12:28:08

Retweet this! @ImprovEvery’s 12th Annual No Pants Subway Ride is today at 3:00 p.m. in NYC: #NPSRJoel Peterson
Happy no pants subway ride day! We’re ready! #shobhanpsr #ootd #fidi #nyc @ Shobha Financial District
No Pants Subway Ride Day is underway in #NYCǝɥɔuɐs ןǝqɐ
Today is the 12th annual No Pants Subway Ride. So if you’re a creep in NYC or another participating city, Bring your camera today.Veronica Ford
Getting ready to head out for the #NPSR in #NYC it’s gonna be #epic Topper
Representing @thenerdmachine today for the No Pants Subway Ride !! #NPSR @improvevery @ZacharyLevi Barnes
No Pants on the Subway 2013 Brooklyn meet-up. Karlesky
@ImprovEvery Cortes Jr
We’re all getting ready to get on #NYC subway to take off our pants #NB4U #NPSR @improvevery Harden
@ImprovEvery nice crowd in Astoria where i was jugglingDean Anderson
Getting ready for my 5th pantless subway ride with @improvevery #NPSR :) @ Foley Square siman
Just realized my friend is at the OTHER Brooklyn no pants ride…looks like I’m seeing him in Union Square!#nopants2013Zachary Feldman
If you see this guy #busking on train.. w no pants.. Pls snap pic & send my way! #npsr #nyc Andollo

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Say No to Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride

January 9, 2013

This Sunday marks Improv Everywhere’s 12th Annnual No Pants Subway Ride. It’s time to just say NO to it. Besides, isn’t announcing and planning an event like this the exact opposite of IMPROV, which is short for IMPROVISATION.

We love pranks. One of our heroes is legendary prankster Joey Skaggs. But he, unlike Improv Everywhere, knows when the joke is over. And this joke is soooo over.

If you agree, comment below.

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Cheeses Christ!! Waitress Gets Naked at Roberta’s, the Internet Reacts

January 9, 2013

A waitress at Roberta’s in Bushwick said farewell to the eatery on Friday by doing her shift almost naked. Twitter user @VickyOyomba ‏tweeted a photo of the incident showing the employee’s back with the words “Peace Out” scrawled across it. Yes, she was wearing fishnets.

The tweet has inspired the usual press lemming run:

Gawker led the pack yesterday asking the question, “Does the Fact That No One Is Talking About the Naked Waitress at Roberta’s Mean That Bushwick Is ‘Over’?” :

Bushwick is “the coolest place on the planet,” according to the Times, and yet no one seems to care about the naked woman waiting tables at its coolest restaurant — the sprawling, ramshackle pizza joint Roberta’s — on Friday night. I was there and I didn’t really care, though she wasn’t serving our table, and we were in a kind of post-traumatic stress situation after the two-hour wait and the Venusian heat of the wood stove-heated tent out back and the woman who called my friend a “whore” in the aforementioned tent bar for trying to sit down at a table on which she (the woman) claimed to have dibs. And anyway we only caught the waitress, surrounded by customers taking photos, while walking out, stuffed with pizza and duck and pork, and when we asked we were told that Friday was her last day, and the nudity did seem to be a kind of farewell gesture; she, or someone, had written “PEACE OUT” on her back.

Eater NY, Village Voice, Fox 5, Grubstreet all piled on.

Brokelyn’s David Colon adds:

As a former employee of the place, I can tell you the stunt was deemed awesome and the waitress is enough of a pro to not have ended up with food all over her crotch. Our only question is whether the Outdoor Topless Co-ed Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society is going to try to one-up her.

From Gothamist:

A Roberta’s source confirms that Friday was in fact the server’s last night, and that she has been working at the restaurant “since its inception.” Roberta’s opened in 2008, so after four long years of waiting tables, who among us wouldn’t want to rip off all our clothes and scrawl “PEACE OUT” in magic marker on our naked flesh? If anything, you’ve got to admire this young lady’s restraint.
Of course, the Never Nude buzzkills at Grub Street point out the NYC health code states that “employees who prepare or serve food products, or wash and sanitize equipment and utensils must wear clean outer garments.” Those fishnets look clean enough to us, so it’s unclear if the Health Department is going to take any action against Roberta’s. (And what about body sushi servers?) We called Roberta’s scantily-clad server several times today to find out more about her unusual choice of uniform, but so far the most famous naked waitress in Bushwick remains tight-lipped.

And BK Mag’s Virginia Smith is NOT amused:

Get it together, Roberta’s. Think of the first dates that could have been made excruciating by this! Not to mention the “hey mom and dad, here’s my neighborhood, I promise it is not a terrible joke of a place” dinners! Jesus. I shudder to think of it. But, then again, I don’t necessarily have all the answers. I guess it was her last day working, and that’s funny enough, and no one seems to have left in a huff or contracted food poisoning by virtue of a bare human ass in proximity to their expensive food. It all seems to have gone reasonably ok, other than the woman, who, per Max Read’s account of the evening over at Gawker, got all riled up about table space in the waiting area and called a member of his party a “whore,” which seems like sort of a blip.

And from around the Twitter thingy:

Waitress Gets Naked in Bushwick, the Internets React

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle· Tue, Jan 08 2013 18:41:34

So there definitely is a 95% naked waitress serving patrons at Roberta’s in #BK right now!!! Oyomba
Yep, there was a naked waitress at Roberta’s
Naked Waitress At Roberta’s!: Pizza, craft beer, T&A! Now’s there’s one more reason to go to our favorite Bushwi…
Wow big shocker! A "hipster" type from Bushwick tried to shock people by serving food at Roberta’s nude. Those Bushwick hipster types!Amy Grimm
I’ve been wanting to try Roberta’s in Bushwick, but this is a little too bizarre for me (via @grubstreetny): Mendonca
are you telling me a waitress went naked in roberta’s and that’s the only photo? that seems odd.Kyle Dean Reinford
[Mildly NSFWish?] Roberta’s Naked Waitress Shrouded In Mystery, Fishnet
Apparently Roberta’s has gone clothing optional – Waitress at Roberta’s Forgets to Wear Clothes, Serves Food via @NYmagYancy S. Strickland
Roberta’s Waitress Gets Naked, Serves Pizza on Last Day Voice
Naked Roberta’s Waitress says Peace Out #bushwick
I Will (Probably) Never Eat at Roberta’s Again via @brooklynmagScott Beauchamp
I am so glad I didn’t take my mom to roberta’s the day that naked waitress was working! #tinyvictoriesLaura Wynn
A waitress at Roberta’s forgot to wear clothes while serving food. York Magazine
Waitress at Roberta’s goes naked #PieceOfPizza #WhatASlice!Mike Puerto
[Mildly NSFWish?] Roberta’s Naked Waitress Shrouded In Mystery, Fishnet via @gothamistDiane drudge
[Mildly NSFWish?] Roberta’s Naked Waitress Shrouded In Mystery, Fishnet (Gothamist): Share With Friends: | | L… Kier S. Motas
Does the Fact That No One Is Talking About the Naked Waitress at Roberta’s Mean That Bushwick Is ‘Over’? – @Gawker
Yes, there was a naked waitress at Roberta’s’s up BKLYN?
Feast Your Eyes! Waitress At Roberta’s In Brooklyn Goes Naked To Celebrate Last Night On The Job Piccoli
Dirty Harkies“@NYMag: A waitress at Roberta’s forgot to wear clothes while serving food.”Gothammom

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Blog Espouses Her Favorite Area Brooklyn Eateries

October 21, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP blog, in which the actress oozes opinions about lifestyle & culture, offers a post on Brooklyn, in which she espouses: “Brooklyn has changed so much since I was a kid, and parts of it are probably unrecognizable from when my dad was born at Brooklyn Jewish hospital in 1943. A lot of this has been good change in the form of art, culture, neighborhood-defining restaurants, shops and more.”

Paltrow includes hot spots in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill and Gowanus. Read her reviews below.

Park Slope’s Al di Là, 248 5th Avenue
“A homey and casual neighborhood trattoria so popular it has Manhattanites lining out the door (reservations aren’t taken, but you can wait in their charming wine bar next door). The menu hasn’t changed much since opening in 1998, because it’s pretty much perfect Venetian fare, with particularly excellent pastas.”

Prospect Heights’ Franny’s, 295 Flatbush Avenue
“Franny’s churns out some of the best pizza and locally-sourced food in Brooklyn, maybe even NYC. Hit the original location while you can, as they will be moving to a larger space by the end of the year, keeping the old space for a new restaurant, Marco’s, to open in the spring of 2013.

Prospect Heights’ Ample Hills Creamery, 623 Vanderbilt Avenue
“Handcrafted ice cream and sorbet made in small batches, Ample Hills gets its cream and eggs from local farms upstate for the freshest (and most sustainable) product possible, in 24 flavors that change with the seasons. They also do really delicious and beautiful custom ice cream cakes, for any occasion.”

Cobble Hill’s Henry Public, 329 Henry Street
“This handsome, old-timey Brooklyn saloon, with a limited “Bill of Fare” of simple and homey food, including a great burger, is perfect for a late supper and whiskey cocktails with friends.”

Cobble Hill’s Pok Pok, 127 Columbia Street
“People are crazy for this Thai via Portland import to the BK, for good reason – the fresh takes on Thai classics are seriously good (and run on the hot side), from the signature charcoal roasted hen with lemongrass to the sweet, spicy salads and more, plus an awesome Thai-inspired cocktail menu (the Pok Pok Bloody Mary with Thai chilies is a serious kick in the ass.)”

Carroll Gardens’ The Grocery, 329 Henry Street
“Quality ingredients, imaginatively prepared from this superb market-driven menu keeps this tiny place on the top of the borough’s fine dining list year after year. It’s pricey, but for one of the best bargains in the borough, try the Green Plate Special – $40 for the four-course veggie tasting menu.”

Boerum Hill’s Mile End, 97A Hoyt Street
“Hearty, meaty sandwiches and Montreal-style deli food (think house-smoked meats, poutine, brisket and more) served deluxe. Make sure to get a pickle on the side and wash it all down with a good glass of wine.”

Gowanus’ The Pines, 284 3rd Avenue
“While this highly-anticipated Gowanus opening keeps the atmosphere casual, with an artfully shabby, worn in dining room and larger garden in the back, the menu is decidedly ambitious with an Italian bent (think cavatelli with duck heart) with lots of interesting seasonal salads and antipasti.”

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Winter Sun Farms Invites Cobble Hill & Park Slope Residents To Participate

August 22, 2012

Winter Sun Farms, which partners with local sustainable farms to supply a winter share of frozen and storage vegetables throughout the season, is available in Cobble Hill and Park Slope (as well as Bed Stuy, DUMBO, Prospect Park and Kensington). Their goal is to deliver a superior product at a fair price for consumers and the farmer, with a larger mission of creating a regional, fair and sustainable food system.

The initiative’s farmers “care for the land and the food they grow. They are part of our communities. We want you to know them, who they are and how they grow. We make it simple… the name of the farm goes right on the package,” Winter Sun Farms says.

For information on joining, see their website here.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Supra Skate Shoes Glides Onto Atlantic Avenue In Boerum Hill

August 15, 2012

Streetwear sneaker brand and skate shoes retailer Supra has leased a shop at 288 Atlantic Avenue near Smith Street in Boerum Hill, according to real estate firm CPEX, which rented the space. Brownstoner reports that the store The Southern Cali-based company also has a store at 4 Prince Street in SoHo. The store flanks nearby Lululemon Athletica, Brooklyn Industries, Brooklyn Tattoo and Brooklyn Heights Bike Shoppe.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Third-Annual Brooklyn Bridge Birthday Celebration At Brooklyn Tattoo May 27

May 21, 2012

How’d you like the Brooklyn Bridge generously sprawled across your back? The third-annual Brooklyn Bridge Birthday celebration will do the honors for you on Sunday May 27, 1-7 p.m., at the Brooklyn Tattoo & Urban Folk Art Gallery in Cobble Hill. To commemorate the 129th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, a group art show and a special $29 rate on tattoos is scheduled.

The event planners note: “It is a time honored tattoo parlor tradition to commemorate an auspicious date or event with a themed tattoo.” Shops have long been inking $13 “13″ tattoos when that date falls on Friday the 13th, or $31 Halloween images on October 31.

And thus, Brooklyn Tattoo at 99 Smith Street, will again honor one of its biggest inspirations three days after the Bridge’s 129th anniversary on May 24. The Urban Folk Art Gallery, adjacent to the shop, will host a group art show commemorating the Bridge through the eyes of 20+ local painters illustrators, educators, photographers, comic book makers and tattooers, opening Friday, May 25, 7-11 p.m.

The Brooklyn Bridge tattoos draw from several flash (pre-drawn) images that evoke the spirit that has defined New York’s iconic skyline. Tattoos will be etched into your skin by Brooklyn Tattoo staff on a first come, first serve basis. Copies of the flash design sheets will also be available for purchase, as well as a limited edition book by Adam Suerte showcasing 50 Brooklyn Bridge tattoos he’s done in the past. And: Brooklyn Bridge t-shirts, pint and shot glasses, and other themed merch will be sold in the gallery, as usual.

The third-annual, two-part event is sponsored by Bar Great Harry at 280 Smith Street.

Brooklyn Tattoo has been operating in South Brooklyn for more than a decade. Its gallery opened in January 2011. For more information, contact Adam Suarte at 718-643-1610.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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