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84th Precinct Hurricane Advisory

October 29, 2012

Capt. Maximo Tolentino, new Commanding Officer of the 84th Precinct, has released this advisory:

1340 Hours: In connection with hurricane Sandy, staffing at the 84th Precinct has been consolidated into 2-12 hour tours, allowing for better coverage during this emergency. Since yesterday, 0700 hours, 84 Precinct personnel have been continuously visiting all areas looking for dangerous conditions and taking corrective action as necessary. Residential and commercial locations located in Zone “A” have all been visited. Public announcements directing an evacuation are also being made and recommended. There is 1 shelter, located at 285 Jay Street, confines of the 84th Precinct, that is currently housing approximately 35 people. There is room for upwards of 600 People. All critical care patients have been visited. If you elect not to evacuate, I recommend that for the duration of the storm that you stay indoors. Any emergency should be called into 911. Stay dry- stay safe.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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D.I. Mark DiPaolo Leaving 84th Precinct Command for New Assignment

October 23, 2012

Deputy Inspector Mark DiPaolo, who has served as Commanding Officer of the 84th Precinct for the past four years, is being reassigned by the NYPD to command the 90th Precinct, in Williamsburg. His successor at the 84th will be Captain Maximo Tolentino.

D.I. DiPaolo offered these parting words:

Though I am excited about the challenges and tasks of [my new] assignment , I would be remiss in not admitting that I will miss the Precinct and community that I have called home for the last four years. I would like to thank all the members of the community for their past cooperation and help in reducing crime. I will miss the bonds and relationships that were formed. I truly appreciated the partnership created that is needed to be successful in running a Police Precinct. I would sincerely like to thank members of the community for the their sympathy and support during the tragic event that took the life of P.O. Alain Schaberger.

In closing, I am comforted by the fact that the 84th Precinct is getting a great choice in Captain Maximo Tolentino as its new Commanding Officer. I have no doubt that with the assistance of Precinct personnel and this wonderful community there will be continued success in our goal to always make this community a safer place to work and live.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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