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The Results Are In: Montague Street BID 2012 Survey

December 23, 2012

Results are in from the Montague Street Business Improvement District‘s May 2012 Survey regarding local programs and services, asking the likes of: What business would you like to see on Montague Street? What do you shop for on Montague? What are the most important services? Nearly 450 folks responded to the online questionnaire, comprising Brooklyn Heights residents (79%), visitors (9%) and property owners (8%).

No overwhelming gasps to be had, but the results include:
* What do you shop for on Montague Street: dining and bars (84%), groceries (83%), apparel and accessories (62%). Among the top retail types desired: bookstores; Mexican, Middle Eastern, French & Greek restaurants; housewares; gift shops; and a fish & meat market.
* Specific retailers requested for Montague Street: Gap (hmm, guess respondents didn’t recognize there was a Montague Street Gap in the 1990s), Anthropologie, J.Crew.

How is the Montague Street BID doing? 76% strongly approve or approve; 23% had no opinion and a grumpy 1% gave it a thumbs down.
* Impact of clean streets program: 74% excellent or good, 16% not familiar with the program, 10% fair, <1% poor.
* Impact of Beautification & Streetscape Enhancements Program (landscaping, banners, tree maintenance, seasonal decorations): 84% excellent or good; 8% fair, 7% not familiar, <1% poor.
* Importance of BID Programs, ranked by “very important”: 95%, Clean Streets program, 80%, Beautification & Streetscape Enhancements; 71%, Retail Development; 27%, Marketing, Communications & Special Events programs.

The BID encompasses 78 to 200 Montague Street on the south side of the block, and 89 to 205 Montague Street on the north side of the block.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Getting Serious About Leasing Former Starbucks Space

November 7, 2012

Despite its prime location in Brooklyn Heights, it appears the former location of Starbucks at 112 Montague Street isn’t going to lease itself by way of osmosis. The coffee store relocated to 134 Montague Street toward the beginning of May, almost six months ago.

Over the past week, signage appeared on the locale’s window from realty broker Massey Knakal, offering the entirety of the two-story building for a 10-year lease, with “all uses considered.” The listing details 2,500sq on the ground floor and 2,000sf on both the second level and basement, adding: “Prime retail space in the much sought-after corridor of Montague Street… filled with a rich mix of national and local retailers; providing great food, shopping and community connections.” See flyer here. (CT)

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Subway Sandwich Coming To Atlantic Avenue & Hicks

October 19, 2012

As Atlantic Avenue attempts to redefine itself as a burgeoning retail and foodie destination for local businesses and more upscale shopping, we’re not sure that the local BID had fast food in mind as consummate gentrification. We saw a sign today in the storefront at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Hicks Street promoting a “Coming Soon” Subway sandwich shop on the northern side of the street. Granted, its proximity to Long Island College Hospital could likely make it a hit with docs and patients.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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