Open Thread: Best Car Service

August 9, 2012

In light of Brooklyn Heights Blog’s sixth birthday, it seems appropriate to re-address some posts that provide service to the residents of this great neighborhood. Over the next several weeks, we’ll offer Open Threads for a number of goods & services that folks regularly rely upon in the Heights.

I recently took a vacation westward and Google-searched “Best Car Services in Brooklyn Heights,” and sure enough, a 2008 post from BHB came to my aid. Four years later, we’re due for an update…

As Homer Fink wrote then: Subways and buses are nice, but if you’re just not in the mood, a friendly neighborhood car service is but a phone call away. Which local livery service do you use? Have any stories negative or positive? Comment away!

For the record, I went with Arecibo (718-783-6465), which was on time, efficient and competitively priced. (Feel free to send suggestions for future posts… contractors, locksmiths, painters, dog walkers, etc.)

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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