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5 Positively Brooklyn Movies To Watch This Weekend

March 27, 2015

Want to feel really, really Brooklyn this weekend?

Before Calebs, Britaleys and other trust fund hipsters moved to Brooklyn and made everything artisanal, these movies showcased a grittier, and less pretentious, time.

Immerse yourself in these 5 Positively Brooklyn movies.

Bye Bye Braverman

A cast of all-stars, including George Segal, play a group of Jewish men travelling to the funeral of a friend who died at 41. It’s a regular odyssey through pre-hipster Brooklyn…or what we call BROOKLYN. Gilbert Gottfried discussed the flick on this podcast this week:

For Pete’s Sake

Barbra Stressand at her kookiest. A great car chase through Downtown Brooklyn. Break out the knishes and enjoy! It couldn’t hurt.

Dog Day Afternoon

Pacino. One of his best roles and based on a true story. Want to know what Brooklyn and New York City were like in the 1970s? This is THE flick to watch.

The Landlord

Beau Bridges stars as a Park Slope gentrifier in this 1970 Hal Ashby film. Some great vintage shots of that neighborhood and Brooklyn Heights as well. Added bonus is an appearance from the legendary Pearl Bailey.

Do The Right Thing

They don’t make New York summers like this anymore. Thankgod. However, this film stands the test of time and serves as a document of an era when New York City and Brooklyn were a powder keg of conflict.

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Fans of My Little Pony Converge for PonyCon 2015 in Brooklyn Heights

February 18, 2015

Fans of the TV show “My Little Pony” converged on Brooklyn Heights last weekend. It was a magical time for all. Sure, oh sure. Enjoy these tweets from the event.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Is Brooklyn Heights What Manhattan Used To Be? Ethan Hawke Thinks So

January 2, 2015

Actor/Brooklyn Heights (technically/really Boerum Hill but we’re on a roll) resident Ethan Hawke says that Brooklyn is what Manhattan used to be in a Manhattan Magazine profile.

Page Six quotes the actor as saying, “The whole city’s changing, while Brooklyn feels to me the way New York was a while ago.” (Oddly this quote is not included in Manhattan Magazine’s digital version of the story.)

Hawke stars in “Predestination”, the film adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s “-All You Zombies-”, opening January 9.

The actor also recently worked on the biopic about jazz legend Chet Baker called Born to be Blue.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Check Out this GoPro Video of the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

December 23, 2014

YouTube user and Redditor “Wing L” posted this video of the Christmas light action in Dyker Heights. See what all the fuss is about as well as witnessing locals in some interesting costumes.

As for the clip Wing says:

Dykers Heights in Brooklyn NY is well known for it’s extravagant Christmas decorations put forth by the residents in the area. There are even tour buses going into the area now just to see the festive displays. This should give you an idea of what it is about.

I’m far from a pro at this but I didn’t just want the usual still frames, and panning up and down so I had some fun with making it. I might have over did the fun part a bit so I apologize in advance for the jumpiness in the video. I originally intended to just put this up as something for my friends to view on FB for but decided why the hell not let other people enjoy the lights if they are interested for those that can’t make it in person. Hope you all enjoy seeing this amazing community’s hard work to spread the holiday cheer.

Watch on YouTube

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Last Minute Holiday Spirit: A Wine and Spirits Gift Guide

December 19, 2014

We all have tricky recipients on our list, and time is running out. Here are some gift ideas to help you wrap up (no pun intended!) and relax into the festivities:

Your roomie
Think strategically here. A bar stocker is something that is best shared with friends.

Our pick: Martini In A Box, a bottle each of Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth.

Your big client

Listen, your business needs happy clients so don’t scrimp on this one. Go for something special that isn’t available just anywhere: a gift set of locally distilled whiskeys and bourbons.

Our pick: Kings County Gift Pack, a 3-bottle pack including Brooklyn-local Moonshine, Bourbon and Chocolate Whiskey.

Your kid’s teacher
A sparkling rosé. Trust us on this one— this person does not need more soap or chocolate.

Our pick: Raventos i Blanc “De Nit” Rose Cava 2011, one of our favorite cavas with layer upon layer of red fruit.

Your office mate
A bright and complex Chardonnay, something light and easy that you can open to kick off happy hour the next time you’re both working late.

Our pick: Chateau Fuisse Pouilly-Fuissé Tête De Cru 2011, a parfait of peaches, pears and honey.

Your boss lady
You cannot go wrong with a chocolatey Syrah or a jammy red Zinfandel.

Our pick: Bella Vineyards Lily Hill Estate Zinfandel 2010, a perfectly balanced, textured, sleek and smooth red.

Father in-law (Because you know you need help with this one)

Choose a bourbon or whiskey—or, better yet, one of each. With any luck, he’ll share.

Our pick: Koval Single Barrel Bourbon, organic, small batch and single barrel. Sip, savor and enjoy.

Your trainer
Even fitness buffs have cheat days, and frankly, a bit of booze is better than a burger. A smoky Mezcal is an unexpected, versatile departure from the norm.

Our pick: El Buho Mezcal, so smoky with slightly sweet and earthy undertones.

Your super
Your super is one of the most important people in your life. A warming bourbon is the perfect way to cap off a day of shoveling snow or fixing broken heaters.

Our pick: Bulleit Bourbon, with gentle spice and sweet tones of toffee and nutmeg, this is a toasty bottle.

Your doorman
In addition to the annual holiday bonus, go the extra mile and splurge on a California Cabernet—big, zesty and festive.

Our pick: Flora Springs Trilogy 2010, all big blackberries and cherries in this Napa Valley Cabernet.

Yankee Gift Swap
The holiday season means holiday parties and games. Bring something everyone can use (hello, Bubbly!) and don’t be surprised if your gift ends up the coveted item that players scheme to “steal” from each other.

Our pick: Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Champagne, an effervescent nectar that’s rich with vanilla notes and slightly sweet tropical bubbles.

Julie Bausch is a freelance writer who moonlights for Tipsy, a wine and spirits shop in Brooklyn, where you can find all these bottles and more. Visit us at the corner of Myrtle and Classon or online at

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Thanksgiving: What to Drink and When to Drink It

November 24, 2014

Everyone has their own Thanksgiving tradition, whether it’s a full family reunion or a simple dinner for two at home. For me, family is what you make it, so I’ve spent the last 20 years eating turkey with my two best friends, their families and the occasional add on (boyfriend, neighbor, cat that lives under the porch and so on).

About a year ago, I helped open a wine store in Brooklyn and in the process, started to pick up a little bit of wine knowledge. So, in addition to bringing some serious pie-making skills to the table (I’m also a bit of a gravy, kale salad and cranberry sauce aficionado), I’ve started to oversee the wine selection for the big day.

What I’ve learned is this: With a few carefully selected bottles and just a little planning ahead (that means chilling wine a day in advance and stocking your liquor cabinet), you can add pairings that make every course more flavorful and fun.

The Kitchen Dwellers and The Couch Loafers
Some of us are the cooks, most of us are eaters, but either way we all need a little something to get us in the festive spirit around noon. That means brunch cocktails! My group likes to make huge pitchers of Bloody Marys (with the works: celery, olives, lots of black pepper, Tobasco, Old Bay, lemon wedges and horseradish) using high-quality and clean-tasting vodka. If it’s a bit too early for the hard stuff, hand people glasses of Mimosas or Bellinis as they shuffle into the busy kitchen (and then quickly usher them out again). Light, crisp and inexpensive Cavas or Proseccos are great for this. Remember this: It’s never a bad time for bubbly.

Want something seasonal? Try a hard sparkling apple cider. It is guaranteed to get everyone into the Thanksgiving spirit.

The Arrival
Sometime in the early afternoon, guests start showing up and milling around the living room (usually pretending to be helpful, but really trying to get dinner’s ETA). Don’t panic, the steps to placating guests are simple: 1. Find the cold bottles of white wine that you put in your fridge yesterday, 2. Open the wine, 3. Pour into glasses and hand to guests. Congrats, you just bought yourself an hour!

We often start off with light appetizers so that people don’t feel full before the big meal. Wine can also give people that full feeling if it’s too heavy, so I like to serve Chenin Blancs, Picpouls, Pecorinos and Viogniers. These tend to have some nice acidity with fruity notes, which makes them easy to drink on their own or with small snacks.

The Big Meal
Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes signal that it’s time to break out the reds. And since it’s a special occasion, you can get a little fancy and open some pricier bottles.

Some people prefer to go with big, burly varietals, like a Nebbiolo-based Barolo, to match the heavy fare, which have major red fruit notes with great structure and full-bodies. I prefer something a little more unique and festive than your typical red wine, like a sparkling red. It’s big-meal appropriate because it’s a red wine, but its bubbles make for some great toasts. I’m also a big fan of a balanced Zinfandel because they have fruity and spice notes with a bit of body and some lovely tannins, but aren’t so big that they’re overwhelming.

The After-Dinner Lounge
Everyone has a different approach to the after-dinner, full-stomach, nap-needing slump. Some watch a movie, others jump right into clean-up mode, and others, like us, like to sit back with a warm, relaxing libation and take it all in. (Bonus points if there’s a fireplace and slippers involved).

A nice easy red is our favorite way to unwind. We go for luscious, comforting Malbecs because they aren’t too heavy. For white wine drinkers, I’d recommend a Riesling to match the sweet notes from all the pie you just ate (sometimes a lighter white wine is needed when you’re in the unbuttoned-pants stage).

The Next Morning
My crew doesn’t take a break and try to “eat light” the next day. As soon as we wake up, we dive into cold, leftover pie, usually fighting over that last slice of apple (note to self: bake two apple pies this year). Some of us may even tear into some turkey doused in cold cranberry sauce. And yes, there are usually more Bloody Marys involved.

Specific Bottle Suggestions
Starting the Day
Dibon Cava Brut Reserve – A balanced, dry Cava with good bubbles and a decent kick.
TreCase Prosecco – Perfect crisp Prosecco: fizzy apples and melon.
Industry City Distillery Industry Standard Vodka – Great in a Bloody Mary!
True Believer Apple Cider – Like biting into a crisp apple. But better.

Alain Paret Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2013 – White peach and green plums.
Fiorano Pecorino ‘Donna Orgilla’ Offida 2012 – Tartly honest citrus that won’t take no for an answer.
Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc Viognier 2012 – Grapefruit and pineapple balance each other and any spicy food they meet along the way.

The Big Meal
Poderi Roset Barolo 2009 – Smooth cherry with tang and a kick.
Josetta Saffirio Barolo 2009 – Big red fruits with tobacco and wood that add structure.
Villa di Corlo Lambrusco Sorbara – Primevo – Dry, light and sparkling with cherry and raspberries.
Bella Vineyards Lily Hill Estate Zinfandel 2010 – Perfectly balanced and textured, the right amount of fruit and spice.

After Dinner
El Porvenir de Los Andes Laborum Malbec 2011 – Raspberry, cherry, chocolate and spice.
PJ Valckenberg Der Stift Riesling 2012 – Like a bowl of lemons with a touch of sugar.

Selina Andersson heads up events and social media for Tipsy, a wine and spirits shop in Brooklyn, where you can find all these bottles and more. Visit us at the corner of Myrtle and Classon or online at

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L’chaim to Kosher Wine

September 23, 2014

Some of the most popular and sought after wines in the industry today are kosher. New varietals and fresh, kosher vines are popping up at wineries, young and old. The production of these wines is a burgeoning industry with a product that is becoming more popular every single day. Kosher wines exploded in America with the influx of Jewish immigrants in 1945. Thousands of survivors arrived bringing with them their strict kosher diets and a huge demand for kosher wines to match. America has been one of the primary producers of kosher wine until recently when Israeli wines made a comeback in the last two decades, cementing their place as one of the primary producers of quality kosher wines. The climate and the soil content in Israel make for the perfect environment for beautiful wines.

Wine is an elemental component of Jewish sacramental ceremonies. Grapes hold an elevated position within dietary Jewish laws called Kashrut. The grape has a special reverence in the Kashrut because it is the only fruit from which sacred wines may be extracted. Close regulation of the kosher wine-making process insures that there is enough kosher wine for the Jewish population throughout the world.

In order for wines to be kosher, they must be produced under specific rules in accordance with Jewish dietary law. The rabbinical law states that the wine must only be made in certain wineries that adhere to these special rules and regulations. The word “kosher” means “fit,” and in terms of food or wine, it means “fit to eat.” The production, fermentation and processing of kosher wines must be strictly handled by Sabbath-observing male Jews for it to remain kosher. This ensures that the product is not tainted and remains spiritually pure. Every ingredient that goes into the fermentation process must also be kosher. The normal production of wine using yeast or gelatin is unacceptable. If a kosher wine is tainted somewhere in the processing, handling or shipping, the entire harvest is considered spiritually unclean and unfit for consumption because the religious integrity of the wine has been compromised. It may still taste lovely, but it will not be considered kosher. In fact, kosher wine must also be uncorked, poured and handled only by a Jewish person.

A second type of kosher wine, called Mevushal, has recently been cultivated. “Mevushal” means “boiled or “cooked.” The grapes for Mevushal wine are cooked prior to being crushed. This extra step of pasteurization allows the wine to be handled by non-Jewish people, and still remain kosher. This means people of any faith can partake in drinking and handling of this kind of kosher wine, which has helped the industry sustain itself and thrive. Mevushal wines are now used widely for Jewish weddings, functions and celebrations where there will be non-Jewish people in attendance.

Recently, there has been a world revival in kosher wines. In America, kosher wines were traditionally very sweet, due to the use of the indigenous Concord grape. Dryer kosher wines are on the rise in recent years with the growth of the Israeli wine industry. Now that a variety of grapes can be used in the production of kosher wines, the new tastes and types are everywhere. Kosher wines are also cultivated in France, Italy, and Australia. Commonly used varietals are Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz, Petit Sirah, Cab Franc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Barbera and Zinfandel.

All eyes in the kosher wine industry are on Israel right now. The wines coming from the region are coveted and always in demand. New varietals are available and different tastes are presenting themselves now that the wine-makers are no longer forced to use the traditionally sweet Concord grape. With the resurgence of the practice of kosher wine making, any grape can be used to make kosher wine. And they are.

Our pick for stunning bottles of kosher wine come from Dalton Winery, a burgeoning, family owned Israeli wine maker located in the hills above Hermon Mountain in Upper Galilee. Dalton produces 800,000 bottles a year with care and patience. Their Red Canaan blend, made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Sirah, is easy to drink with sweet red fruit notes, balanced by hints of spicy pepper and gentle vanilla. Their unoaked Chardonnay on the other hand, is a bold expression for Israeli wines with a surprising blend of tropical citrus and melon notes. Either bottle will be the perfect toast for your Rosh Hashanah celebration!

Julie Bausch is a freelance writer who moonlights for Tipsy, a wine and spirits shop in Brooklyn. Tipsy hosts 3 or more free tasting events every week. Visit us at the corner of Myrtle and Classon or online at

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Montague Street Summer Space is this Sunday 9/21

September 17, 2014

Join us this Sunday (9/21) as the Montague BID stages its annual Summer Space Festival. The Brooklyn Bugle gang will be there starting at noon (in front of Custom House) and the BHA Dog Show starts at 3pm.

Here’s the official dispatch:

Picnic on a pop-up park on Montague Street? You can, and much more, this Sunday September 21st, during the free, outdoor Montague Street Summer Space festival.

This Sunday, from 12-5pm, Montague Street between Clinton and Hicks Streets is closed to traffic and re imagined as a pedestrian oasis, welcoming visitors to play, learn, and enjoy the day’s activities and events.

Visit and enjoy the Brooklyn Heights Dog Show, performances by Brooklyn Ballet Company, Etsy craft-making, a photo booth, pop-up park, chess demonstrations and tables, yoga class by Yoga People, pet adoption, and interactive learning for kids with the Brooklyn Historical Society. Local businesses are offering special promotions.

Visit for more information.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Brooklyn Heights

Jo Anne Simon Wins 52nd AD Democratic Primary, Will Face Guitar Playing GOP Challenger in November

September 9, 2014

Jo Anne Simon won the Democratic nomination in the 52nd Assembly District Tuesday with opponents Pete Sikora coming in second and dark horse candidate/Brooklyn Heights resident Doug Biviano third. Simon was the winner of our Readers’Endorsement poll.

The Brooklyn Paper and the Brooklyn Eagle have different spins on Simon’s victory:

B’Paper’s headline: Dem machine holds strong in B’Heights Assembly race
Brooklyn Eagle’s headline: Complete Brooklyn primary results: Vindication for Simon; Hamilton over Dorancy; Barron is back

Simon will face GOP nominee John Jasilli who made headlines last year when he faced NYC Councilmember Steve Levin:

Metro: Councilman Stephen Levin, currently running on the Democratic ticket for re-election in the 33rd district, had just had dinner with a friend at Fornino’s at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. They were strolling through the neighborhood and happened to pass Montero’s, a little bar on Atlantic Avenue.

“I heard blues coming out of the bar and I thought that it was the juke box playing because it sounded like real, authentic, professional blues,” Levin recalled.

He had heard that his opponent, Conservative candidate John Jasilli, plays guitar there, he said.

“So I peeked my head in and there was a guy, he was playing kinda down-home blues with a slide guitar and he had a couple friends with him and it was excellent,” Levin enthused.

He and his friend decided to go in and take a seat. Levin still wasn’t sure that the star musician was his opponent, until a mutual friend of both him and Jasilli came in and said, “You know, that’s your opponent playing.”

“So they invited me up to jam with Jasilli!” Levin exclaimed.

We officially extend an offer to Simon and Jasilli to faceoff in a debate sponsored by BHB before the election in November.

Besides the 52nd Assembly District contest, Andrew Cuomo, the man who by some measures is responsible for closing Long Island College Hospital, defeated upstart challenger Zephyr Teachout.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Justin Bieber Piñata On Sale at Key Food in Brooklyn Heights

September 7, 2014

And we thought the big news at Key Food on Montague Street was the announcement of a Dietz and Watson food truck visit on September 11. Now comes word via Twitter of a Justin Bieber piñata on sale at there.

This, friends, is something the whole world wants and needs- the chance to smack ol’ Biebs around. His seemingly insane behavior over the last year is enough to fuel your aggression and bloodlust while hacking at Canada’s most hated export (yes, we’re including Rob Ford in our consideration).

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RELATED: Watch Lena Dunham Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Pardon us while we go buy one…make that two….

Apparently you can buy these Justin Bieber Piñata Kits on Amazon… and there are many videos on YouTube documenting the destruction of them including this one:

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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