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Watch Candidates for the 52nd Assembly District Talk The Simpsons, Buzzfeed and Netflix at Brooklyn Heights Blog Debate

September 5, 2014

All politics is local – but how connected are politicians to “the locals?” Most everyone we know has watched The Simpsons, is either addicted to or hates Buzzfeed and they’ve definitely binge watched something on Netflix (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black etc).

BHB Candidate Interviews: Jo Anne Simon | Pete Sikora | Doug Biviano

So during BHB’s 52nd AD debate on Tuesday, your humble publisher thought it would be a good idea to ask the candidates about those topics. Heck, it’s what you’re talking about with “Bob” from accounting at the office Keurig machine… right? Behold our video of their responses, which might surprise you.

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Opinion: Reclining Your Airline Seat Puts You in League with Satan

August 27, 2014

This week a United Airlines flight from Denver to Newark was diverted to Chicago after two passengers got into an altercation over the use of a device that prevents riders from reclining their seats.

Reports say that a male passenger used a product called Knee Defender to guard himself against the threat of a full-reclining troll. His fear became all too real when the female passenger in front of him attempted to recline – an argument ensued resulting in water being thrown on the male customer and the flight being re-routed to Chicago.

Ladies and gentlemen – THERE IS NEVER A REASON TO FULL RECLINE. Don’t even try to defend the practice. An airline flight is already painful enough without having to deal with a self-entitled sociopath who thinks it’s their G-d given right to slam into another person’s knees. JUST…DON’T…DO …IT.

Of course, since there’s no real news to report on, many outlets are debating this issue. Behold Josh Barro’s logic in the New York Times:

I wrote an article to that effect in 2011, noting that airline seats are an excellent case study for the Coase Theorem. This is an economic theory holding that it doesn’t matter very much who is initially given a property right; so long as you clearly define it and transaction costs are low, people will trade the right so that it ends up in the hands of whoever values it most. That is, I own the right to recline, and if my reclining bothers you, you can pay me to stop. We could (but don’t) have an alternative system in which the passenger sitting behind me owns the reclining rights. In that circumstance, if I really care about being allowed to recline, I could pay him to let me.

Dan Kois of Slate wrote about this issue (and talked about it above):

The problem isn’t with passengers, though the evidence demonstrates that many passengers are little better than sociopaths acting only for their own good. The problem is with the plane. In a closed system in which just one recliner out of 200 passengers can ruin it for dozens of people, it is too much to expect that everyone will act in the interest of the common good. People recline their seats because their seats recline. But why on earth do seats recline? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if seats simply didn’t?

Some European airlines are already banning reclining seats and recent surveys claim that 90% of travelers say they hate reclining seats. So for that 10% who enjoy and feel entitled to the full recline… we’ll see you in Hell!

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Watch Lena Dunham Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

August 17, 2014

Hey Lena Dunham is now a blonde! And she just dumped a whole bucket of ice water on her head as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Seems that Jaime King and pop star Taylor Swift took part in the controversial fund raising daisychain and challenged Dunham to do it next.

Here’s Brooklyn Heights resident Dunham soaking herself.

Not everyone is greeting this publicity stunt – meant to raise funds for ALS – with sunshine and lollipops. Take this piece from Vice:

There are a lot of things wrong with the Ice Bucket Challenge, but most the annoying is that it’s basically narcissism masked as altruism. By the time the summer heat cools off and ice water no longer feels refreshing, people will have completely forgotten about ALS. It’s trendy to pretend that we care, but eventually, those trends fade away.

This is the crux of millennial “hashtag activism,” where instead of actually doing something, you can just pretend like you’re doing something by posting things all over your Facebook. Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, good causes end up being a collective of social media naval gazing. We reflected on our favorite social-movements-gone-viral and found out what happened to them after the fell off our Twitter feeds. Because, yes, social problems continue even after you stop hashtagging them.

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Watch Spike Lee Revisit The Brooklyn of ‘Do the Right Thing’ in this New Video

August 16, 2014

Apple‘s Beats Music, makers of a subscription music service you may or may not like and really expensive headphones you’ve convinced yourself are worth $400, sent filmmaker Spike Lee on a journey to Bed-Stuy to revisit sites from his 1989 classic “Do the Right Thing“.

What do you think the biggest changes have been in Brooklyn since 1989?

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Watch the Legendary Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara’s Pizza in Action Making Pies

August 16, 2014

Among the scores of Brooklyn’s legendary talents is Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood. The man himself admits that Anthony Bourdain‘s declaration of the eatery as “the best of the best” has added to their reputation (note that credit is widely given to the Village Voice giving them the top nod back in the 90s).

This week, Dom posted on Facebook that he met Bourdain:

Many blame him for the original start of the long lines. I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting him in person this weekend. Also sat in on a live interview he did and I was so impressed with his story but what impressed me most was his heart.

Vice’s Munchies blog took a trip to Di Fara’s in honor of their 50th anniversary in the abeetza biz:

Inside, Di Fara looked just as described in profiles I’d read the days prior: like a standard pizzeria. Linoleum floors, a few tables with chairs, walls covered in accolades and glowing write-ups. Domenico was busy creating the first few pies of the day, spreading sauce, drizzling prepared pies with olive oil and putting fresh basil on finished ones. The smell of fresh baked bread with three cheeses (two types of mozzarella!) and San Marzano tomato sauce at this place is definitely not like the pizza joint on the corner. There’s the lighter, round pie and the heavier, twice-baked cheesy square pie that a few regulars mentioned is the one to get. When you consider that Domenico is the only person who makes all the pies in this place (which follows his philosophy about how a pizzeria should be run), it makes a little more sense that slices are five dollars a piece. The place is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so the old man can rest.

YouTube user “bapfu” uploaded this video of the master in action:

Photo: “Di Fara Pizza’s Pizza” by Psychocadet – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Forget the German’s White Flag Stunt, Watch this Brit Artist Use the Brooklyn Bridge as a Harp

August 13, 2014

Last year, British artist Di Mainstone was filmed playing the Brooklyn Bridge like a harp. She accomplished this feat using a specially designed vest that allows her to pluck the bridges suspension cables like a harp.

New Scientist: This video shows an early version used last year for the anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. It wasn’t yet able to harness the ‘voice’ of the bridge so the team chose representative sounds, which were modified by the movement of the strings. Soon after, Mainstone returned with microphones to record the bridge’s real vibrations. Once processed, they produced a strange droning sound that included some harmonies. “It was magical and beautiful,” she says.

She is currently exhibiting the tech at the Roundhouse in London and plans to use the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England as her next “harp”.

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German Art Group Takes Credit for Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Stunt

August 12, 2014

Two German artists are taking credit for last month’s Brooklyn Bridge flag swap. Heck, it was all a tribute to the man who built the bridge:

NYT: But the artists, Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke, say the flags — with hand-stitched stars and stripes, all white — had nothing to do with terrorism. In a series of phone interviews, they explained that they only wanted to celebrate “the beauty of public space” and the great American bridge whose German-born engineer, John Roebling, died in 1869 on July 22, the day the white flags appeared.

To prove it was them, they posted a video:

And since this is the New York Times reporting, the story wouldn’t be complete without a correction:

Correction: August 12, 2014
A headline that appeared briefly on the home page misstated the occasion for which German artists said they placed white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge last month. It was the July 22, 1869, death of the bridge’s designer, John Roebling, not his birth.

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Landmark Preservation

Blogger Outraged as Brooklyn Bridge ‘Love Locks’ Replaced by Love Garbage

August 8, 2014

Back in May, the city let it be known to tourists and others inclined to leave “love locks” on the Brooklyn Bridge to cut it out. While the totally ridiculous practice of leaving a gym lock fastened to a public place as a sign of a couple’s devotion has roots going back 100 years, it’s been deemed a nuisance here and other locations around the world.

Just when we thought the world was safe from lovers defacing the Brooklyn Bridge, blogger Jen Jones notice they’ve adopted a new practice:

WYSK: So as I’m reveling in the absence of these “love locks,” a tattered ribbon flapping in the wind catches my eye. Then another and another and another. Next thing you know, I am staring at a long straightaway section of bridge wall that is littered with ragged ribbons, toilet paper, plastic bags, paper receipts, and ear buds that have all been tied on, by hand.
I didn’t think it was possible, but the human desecration of the Brooklyn Bridge had reached a new low… THIS is what tourists have moved on to doing after the city’s lock-down on the locks!
So let me get this straight, you come to visit a world-renowned landmark – one that is often referred to as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” one that has inspired all forms of art, one that took 14 years to build, one that over 20 people died constructing – and you pay your respects by tying your garbage on to it?
I stood there dumbfounded and continued to walk past the stretch of fluttering refuse. That’s when I saw three guys in orange vests and hard hats. I watched them painstakingly cutting and untying every piece of garbage left “lovingly” behind by legions of disrespectful tourists.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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#DepthsofHell: Woman Has Ankle Grabbed by Perv as She Walks Up Subway Stairs

July 31, 2014

So what would you do if some creep grabbed you as you walked up the subway stairs? One Redditor recently had that problem and posted her account.

She asks:

Has anyone heard of this kind of… harassment before?
I was at the Manhattan-bound side of the 7th Avenue Q stop walking up the stairs when I feel someone grab my foot from behind. I quickly look down and see someone’s hand around my foot and bare ankle. I was wearing flip-flops and shorts, if that is relevant. I thought for a second maybe someone I know recognized me and was trying to get me to slow down. As soon as I felt this, I turned around–it was a man with a blank expression on his face. I said, “What the fuck!” pretty loudly and he just stared back. As soon as I turned around he had released his grip. I promptly ran out of there.
It was honestly really absurd. I considered maybe that he had fallen and needed to grab something in front of him, but he didn’t appear off-balance or apologize when I turned around, and he gripped my foot and entire ankle. What the fuck? I know about groping but this was very weird. Could this be a foot fetish thing?
Maybe this person is a repeat offender.

So what would you do? Have you encountered freaks like this on the subway? Comment away!

DepthsofHell is a semi-regular Bugle feature. H/T to our pals at TrainPigs for the name.

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Watch the Cone: One Man’s Struggle at the Brooklyn Heights Haagen Dazs

July 29, 2014

The following is a Brooklyn Bugle reader’s account of their experience at the Montague Street Haagen Dazs in Brooklyn Heights.

Who is the biggest asshole in the Heights? There’s tough competition, but today’s nominee is the guy behind the counter at night at the Haagen Dazs on Montague St. Here are his credentials:

Many customers complain that he weighs the scoops to ensure, heaven forbid, that he not dole out too much of that already overpriced ice cream. But what happened to me on Monday night was so egregious that he should be run out of town on a rail (from the grubby Clark St. station, no less!).

I called the shop at 10:45 to inquire when it closed and was told by a lady that it was open until 11 p.m. I rushed to the shop, getting there at 10:53 (verifiable!) only to find all the ice creams covered. But I’m a friendly, personable guy, so I said to the man who would later become the object of my eternal wrath, “You can’t be closed! It’s only 10:53. Isn’t it great that I got here before you closed.” He said, “We’re closed.” I said, “I’ll have a chocolate peanut butter in a sugar cone.” He decided against his better judgment to serve me.

Now, here’s where it gets truly assaholic. I have never in my entire 49 years of eating ice cream — from parlors all over the world in every season and at every time of day — been served a portion so measly as the one served by this paragon of parsimony. The ball of ice cream barely broke the plane of the cone itself! Three bites and I was done.

Oh, and it was $4! Four dollars! I could have gotten a pint of premium ice cream at a store. I remain enraged and will never darken that man’s door again.

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