#DepthsofHell: Woman Has Ankle Grabbed by Perv as She Walks Up Subway Stairs

July 31, 2014

So what would you do if some creep grabbed you as you walked up the subway stairs? One Redditor recently had that problem and posted her account.

She asks:

Has anyone heard of this kind of… harassment before?
I was at the Manhattan-bound side of the 7th Avenue Q stop walking up the stairs when I feel someone grab my foot from behind. I quickly look down and see someone’s hand around my foot and bare ankle. I was wearing flip-flops and shorts, if that is relevant. I thought for a second maybe someone I know recognized me and was trying to get me to slow down. As soon as I felt this, I turned around–it was a man with a blank expression on his face. I said, “What the fuck!” pretty loudly and he just stared back. As soon as I turned around he had released his grip. I promptly ran out of there.
It was honestly really absurd. I considered maybe that he had fallen and needed to grab something in front of him, but he didn’t appear off-balance or apologize when I turned around, and he gripped my foot and entire ankle. What the fuck? I know about groping but this was very weird. Could this be a foot fetish thing?
Maybe this person is a repeat offender.

So what would you do? Have you encountered freaks like this on the subway? Comment away!

DepthsofHell is a semi-regular Bugle feature. H/T to our pals at TrainPigs for the name.

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