German Art Group Takes Credit for Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Stunt

August 12, 2014

Two German artists are taking credit for last month’s Brooklyn Bridge flag swap. Heck, it was all a tribute to the man who built the bridge:

NYT: But the artists, Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke, say the flags — with hand-stitched stars and stripes, all white — had nothing to do with terrorism. In a series of phone interviews, they explained that they only wanted to celebrate “the beauty of public space” and the great American bridge whose German-born engineer, John Roebling, died in 1869 on July 22, the day the white flags appeared.

To prove it was them, they posted a video:

And since this is the New York Times reporting, the story wouldn’t be complete without a correction:

Correction: August 12, 2014
A headline that appeared briefly on the home page misstated the occasion for which German artists said they placed white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge last month. It was the July 22, 1869, death of the bridge’s designer, John Roebling, not his birth.

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  • mbutz

    As a German American – – I am sick of seeing pictures of ones such as the stereotypic photo of (what you think of as a German) from a half-assed TV series. Show us the artists.

  • jazz

    it is the artist