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Forget the German’s White Flag Stunt, Watch this Brit Artist Use the Brooklyn Bridge as a Harp

August 13, 2014

Last year, British artist Di Mainstone was filmed playing the Brooklyn Bridge like a harp. She accomplished this feat using a specially designed vest that allows her to pluck the bridges suspension cables like a harp.

New Scientist: This video shows an early version used last year for the anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge. It wasn’t yet able to harness the ‘voice’ of the bridge so the team chose representative sounds, which were modified by the movement of the strings. Soon after, Mainstone returned with microphones to record the bridge’s real vibrations. Once processed, they produced a strange droning sound that included some harmonies. “It was magical and beautiful,” she says.

She is currently exhibiting the tech at the Roundhouse in London and plans to use the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England as her next “harp”.

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