Justin Bieber Piñata On Sale at Key Food in Brooklyn Heights

September 7, 2014

And we thought the big news at Key Food on Montague Street was the announcement of a Dietz and Watson food truck visit on September 11. Now comes word via Twitter of a Justin Bieber piñata on sale at there.

This, friends, is something the whole world wants and needs- the chance to smack ol’ Biebs around. His seemingly insane behavior over the last year is enough to fuel your aggression and bloodlust while hacking at Canada’s most hated export (yes, we’re including Rob Ford in our consideration).

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Pardon us while we go buy one…make that two….

Apparently you can buy these Justin Bieber Piñata Kits on Amazon… and there are many videos on YouTube documenting the destruction of them including this one:

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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