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Brooklyn Heights’ Starbucks Features Fancy ‘Clover’ Brewer

August 12, 2012

Fans of Starbucks in Brooklyn Heights may be interested to know that you’ve got the fanciest java in the borough. According to Gothamist, the store at 134 Montague Street has been employing the ooh la la “Clover” brewing system since May.

The machine is described as an upside-down French press, with coffee brewed one cup at a time. “Depending on the size of the serving, ground coffee is weighed and added to a hollow chamber at the top of the machine where it is met by a stream of steaming hot water. The mixture is manually stirred and scraped by a barista, then strained into a cup by the machine shortly after,” the website says.

Starbucks, which purchased the company that manufactures Clover in 2008, only uses its “exotic and rare” Reserve line of coffees to brew in the machine. The “exquisite” coffee “brings out the best of what these beans have to offer,” according to Starbucks. Each machine costs $13,000.

While there are 23 Clover outposts in Manhattan, the only Brooklyn-equipped Starbucks at Montague Street in the Heights is selling about 50 cups of Clover-brewed coffee per day, at $5 per cup, Gothamist says. Starbucks describes the machine as “a true innovation that comes along only once in a while.”

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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