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October 30, 2012

FDNY is arriving on scene at 360 Furman St., reporting what sounds to be an electrical fire in the basement. More info to follow.

UPDATE: FD monitoring an “electrical condition” as well as an oil leak in the boiler room, caused by “rising water.”  More to follow.

UPDATE, 11:58 P.M.: The chief has requested an engine company equipped with a dry chemical agent known as Purple-K, used when water is not appropriate to control a fire (as it would not be in this case.)

FINAL, 12:07 A.M.: FD is holding with five units and placing the situation under-control. No evacuations were necessary. Busy night all around Brooklyn, with a 2nd alarm in Red Hook occupying many of our resources. Engine 205 has been sent to southern Brooklyn to assist with the operations out there.

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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