#BroadwayBomb: If You’re Over 16 and Your Last Name is Not Hawk Get Off the Skateboard

October 18, 2014

The Broadway Bomb happened Saturday. This is an illegal and epic display of douchery and a fine example of the slow death of New York City. At its very best this is an example, like SantaCon or Pants Off Subway Ride, of the groupthink lemming like dig me behavior of that crazy group known as Millennials.

Seeing anyone over 16 ride a skateboard is infuriating. There are two exceptions to this rule – king of all skaters Tony Hawk (hey he’s gotta make a living) and Bart Simpson (he’s an ageless cartoon boy who has been around far more than 16 years).

Behold these manchildren taking over Broadway. Yeah, this isn’t annoying at all:

But good news folks – this is probably the event’s last year.

What do you think?

image of wax Tony Hawk via

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  • LadyDude

    I guess being an over pretentious old person doesn’t suck for the rest of of to have to read your opinion. But that’s just it. It’s an opinion you have. And since you obviously can’t skate you know nothing of the lifestyle or what it brings to communities and families. But hey sit there and post more ignorant, negativity. I’m sure you’ll get far as shit always does.

    • Simon

      Lifestyle? Retarded development you mean. You probably also support #gamergate losers.

  • Salty

    Suck a dick. You know nothing about passion. The only thing annoying about Broadway Bomb is people that write this crap.

    • Simon

      Passion? Skateboards are for kids, not MEN. But I’m sure you’re probably one of those nasaly hipsters.