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Zipper: Coney Island’s Last Wild Ride to Screen at IFC

August 8, 2013

Zipper, a documentary about the fight to save Coney Island, opens at the IFC Center this Friday and runs through Thursday.

The film’s roots go back to director Amy Nicholson’s love of Coney Island, as it reminded her of her childhood spent near Ocean City, MD—a shore community full of people watchers, Def Leppard blaring from boom boxes, and ride operators calling, “You want to go … faster?!” But it was an article about the end of the Zipper ride that turned her from observer to investigator, delving into the politics behind the changing Coney Island. “I originally wanted to make a film that was an homage to Zipper,” Nicholson said. “But it bothered me that I didn’t understand why the ride was being taken away.” The film then grew into an exploration of the tug-of-war between those who wanted to turn Coney Island into what resembled a seaside Times Square—namely, Joe Sitt, CEO of Thor Equities—and those who strove to retain the park and community, good and bad … with both sides doing what they felt was best.

And while Sitt—a Brooklyn boy who grew up near Coney Island and who named Thor Equities after the Marvel Comics character—might be an easy target as the film’s villain, Nicholson says it’s not that easy. “I guess the villain is the process and the politics. But I don’t point to him as the bad guy. I don’t think he did Coney Island any favors, but I promised to treat him fairly, and I did. He doesn’t see anything wrong in what he did,” as shown in the scene where Sitt happily listed all retailers that he wanted to add, from a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, to a Coldstone Creamery.

Zipper also stars a cast of characters from the neighborhood, including the ride operators themselves. According to Nicholson, “The guys who ran it could tell by the sound whether it was working well or not. It’s a contraption! And it was invented to make people scream. I interviewed the ride’s inventor, who said, ‘If people scream, it’s a good thing.’” Zipper the ride now resides in Honduras; to see Zipper the film, visit IFC Center’s site for screening dates and times.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Police Blotter

84th Precinct Police Blotter – 7/24/13

July 28, 2013

A tipsy fare means a big tip for cabbie. It’s this week’s blotter.

Six MacBooks totaling nearly $10K were stolen from the HUGE office in DUMBO last Thursday.

Last Saturday at Dr. Jay’s, a man stuffed over $20K worth of clothes in a bag; when confronted, he stomped a man on the foot and fled. The clotheshorse was eventually apprehended nearby.

A woman’s gray Honda Odyssey was stolen last Friday from where it was parked at Pierrepont and Clinton.

A few bike incidents: Last Tuesday, a perp broke into the lobby of a building on St. Marks Ave and stole an $800 bicycle.

The week before, a $2,900 bike was stolen from the common area of an apartment building on 3rd Ave.

And last Thursday, a man riding his bike near Smith and Bergen was punched in the face by a would-be bicycle thief. The victim was able to regain possession of his bike, however, and the perp fled.

Finally, a story from the mixed-up files of Foster Brooks: A man who was apparently already drunk by early afternoon flagged a cab on June 21st. He got in a conversation with the cabbie, who suggested some bars for him to visit, and then told the fare that he had to pay before the trip was over. Confused but compliant, the man handed his debit card to the driver, who then told him it wouldn’t swipe, and asked for the PIN number. You can guess the rest. By the time he was dropped off at another bar, the fare realized he’d left his debit card in the cab, and after $3,700 in charges were made on the card, he filed a police report. And that’s this week’s blotter.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Events, Food

Sacre Bleu! Sunday Is Bastille Day On Smith Street

July 13, 2013

Sunday (7/14) marks the 12th annual Bastille Day celebration on Smith Street from Bergen to Pacific. Why is this neck of the woods celebrating the end of France’s monarchy? As usual, the press release explains it all:

Our neighborhoods are so filled with French families that the public schools are French/English bilingual. One third of our 220 storefronts are Food & Drink establishments—Vive les gourmets!!! We have huge support from our local business partners, especially Bar Tabac to make this happen.

In addition, there will be live music, food, the largest petanque tournament outside of France, and, of course, crepes. The party starts at 10am, so set your alarm clocks, you dirty stay-outs!

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Bikelyn: Bike Tours through Brooklyn

July 7, 2013

Looking for something to do with your summertime guests? Or want to see Brooklyn from two wheels instead of four? Dutch transplant Frank Muller has just the thing—Bikelyn, a series of tours given Mondays and Tuesdays each week (with private tours available upon request).

Muller has taken to his new city rather quickly—after moving here last year, he’s already become a licensed NYC tour guide and launched Bikelyn in part to flex his local knowledge. And Muller’s heritage makes bike tours a natural extension. “In Holland, you learn how to ride a bike as soon as you learn to walk. It’s not cultural like it is here. It’s just the same as buying a car.”

You can BYOB or rent a bike from Rolling Orange Bikes in Cobble Hill, where the tour begins. Monday’s tours are Williamsburg in the morning, and Red Hook in the afternoon; Tuesday’s tours are Park Slope & Prospect Park in the morning and Brooklyn Heights & DUMBO in the afternoon. For private tours, a minimum of four people are requested. Depending on your interests, Muller also makes some food stops, like Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies in Red Hook. And if you book a tour for morning and afternoon, Muller will in a free lunch at Moo Burger.

More information is on Bikelyn’s site and Facebook page. Morning tours are $49 and afternoon are $39.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Downtown Brooklyn

Man Shot, Robbed Outside Brooklyn DA’s Office

July 2, 2013

The New York Post and Daily News report that a security guard was shot and robbed of a “large sum of cash” outside the Brooklyn DA’s office on Pearl Street around 5:50 pm yesterday. The unidentified man is being treated at Bellevue Hospital and is listed in stable condition. The assailant is currently at large.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Around Brooklyn

Recycling Documentary “Mettle” Premieres in July

June 28, 2013

Mettle, a documentary about people who collect recyclables for cash—at the risk of arrest or enormous fines—will be premiering at the Jalopy Theater on Sunday, July 28th at 7pm. Cobble Hill resident Andy Arrow who produced and directed the film, says:

Each day across New York City, thousands of resourceful citizens, who really seem to need the money, and who aren’t bothering anyone, collect recyclable material from the sidewalk—discarded bottles and cans, and household appliances—and redeem these items to earn money. You will get to know several of these people in the film, and hear their stories, and I think it’s likely that you will appreciate their positive outlook, sense of humor, and strength of character.

More information is available on the film’s Facebook page, or on Jalopy’s site.

Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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Make a Movie: On My Block

June 26, 2013

With all the ad agencies and studios filming around the Heights, why not join the fray and aim for a little fame yourself? On My Block Films challenges its participants to:

Reach out to one another, introduce yourselves, and make a movie! We make this process more approachable for those who have never done something like this before. The finished videos are just between 1 and 3.5 minutes long, either narrative or documentary, and must be filmed only on the block you live on, using your real neighbors as cast and crew. This unique, collaborative process converts strangers into close friends, and in the process, builds a more closely connected city.

You can watch earlier submissions here, and check out their Kickstarter page as well. It would be interesting to see the differences (if any) between the inhabitants of Joralemon St compared to Clark St compared to the out-of-the-way folks on Poplar St or College Place. If you film your block, let us know!

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Outdoor Mystery Theater “Enigma” Debuts Saturday

June 25, 2013

Those looking for an alternative to spending mega-bucks on a Broadway show need look no further than 3 Pierrepont Place this Saturday, as Enigma, billed as “Brooklyn’s First Outdoor Mystery Theatre Adventure” makes its debut there at noon.

Enigma—part social theatre and part history mystery, allows audience members to embark on a journey into the heart of Brooklyn Heights, armed with a map and tasked with searching for a celebrated esoteric mystery writer. Along the way, audiences encounter dynamic talismans of the neighborhoods’ past that ultimately provide them with clues—from an encounter with the ghost of a famed Victorian-era Brooklyn clairvoyant to stumbling upon an Arthur Miller-era Marilyn Monroe on the stoop of the gorgeous Willow Street home that was the site of their torrid love affair. Throughout the performance, audiences uncover some of Brooklyn’s most notorious rogues and celebrated heroes, enlightened with the aid of a refreshing themed cocktail (complimentary with admission) from an exotic Henry Street restaurant, and simultaneously discover the hidden symbols that live within the architecture of Brooklyn Heights’ grand homes, magnificent churches, and promenades.

I spoke with Enigma’s writer, Dr. Kevin Dann, who told me that the Heights’ rich literary history and historical preservation made it the perfect place to set a show such as this. “I was a tour guide and a history professor, and I tried to make my classes feel like a grail quest … And when I moved to Brooklyn Heights, I felt like everywhere I went I was walking in the footsteps of my heroes.” You can lear more about Enigma from watching the video.

Enigma opens June 29th at 3 Pierrepont Place, and runs Fridays – Sundays through October. Performances run every half hour, from 12:00pm – 4:30pm, with a runtime of 2 hours.Tickets are $60 each and can be bought here. Group rates are available.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Police Blotter

84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/11/13

June 11, 2013

Hold onto your iPhones! It’s this week’s blotter.

Last week’s blotter theme was the theft of expensive wallets; this one is the theft of expensive iPhones.

The first took place on the northbound F train during rush hour last Tuesday evening. At the Jay St station, a 25-year-old woman was dragged onto the platform after the doors opened and a man reached in and grabbed her phone. She eventually let go.

The next robbery took place Friday at 3pm at the Borough Hall station–Perp 1 grabbed a 31-year-old man’s iPhone when the doors opened, while Perp 2 held the doors open during the struggle. The victim eventually chased Perp 1 onto the street but he got away. Perp 2, a 15-year-old, was nabbed at the Nevins St station.

Two days later at 2am at the Jay St station, two perps exiting the southbound A train stopped to grab a 25-year-old man’s iPhone before running out. The victim gave chase but when Perp 1 tried to punch him he relented.

Moving on, a 30-year-old woman fell victim to the ol’ Craigslist swindle. According to the report, she saw a rental listing on Craigslist and met with a man who claimed he was the broker. Two payments totaling $175 cash and one $1,000 money order later, he disappeared and the apartment (listed as being at 486 Brooklyn Ave) is not available.

Another theft during a basketball game at McLaughlin Park–this time, a 20-year-old lost his $350 iPod Touch.

The kiosk on the corner of Henry and Montague was broken into on June 2nd. Among the items stolen were $1,100; a carton of Newports; two cartons of Marlboros; and 80 phone cards. The stolen items totaled $1,632. I thought one carton of cigarettes cost that around here.

Finally, a melee broke out at Family Court, and I have to say, whenever I see “Family Court” at the top of a report, I know I’m in for something else. In fact, this incident took up two reports. In the first, a woman (whom I don’t believe was an attorney but some kind of representative) was consulting with her 17-year-old client when he suddenly hit her in the face with a mug. In the second, the teen’s mother, after hearing he was going to jail, went berserk, tried to shield his body with hers, and then hit the court officers with her umbrella when they tried to take him away. The episode ended with both mother and son arrested. And that’s this week’s blotter.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Mettle: Documentary about People Who Collect Recyclables for Cash

June 10, 2013

Local filmmaker Andy Arrow recently completed a documentary called Mettle, about people who earn their living by collecting recyclables, and how they are “cited, or even arrested, for picking up trash from the sidewalk.” Arrow has a Kickstarter campaign underway to “raise awareness and to fund a premiere event.” Drop a couple bucks if you’d like to help, and let us know here where you come down on the issue.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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