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Make a Movie: On My Block

June 26, 2013

With all the ad agencies and studios filming around the Heights, why not join the fray and aim for a little fame yourself? On My Block Films challenges its participants to:

Reach out to one another, introduce yourselves, and make a movie! We make this process more approachable for those who have never done something like this before. The finished videos are just between 1 and 3.5 minutes long, either narrative or documentary, and must be filmed only on the block you live on, using your real neighbors as cast and crew. This unique, collaborative process converts strangers into close friends, and in the process, builds a more closely connected city.

You can watch earlier submissions here, and check out their Kickstarter page as well. It would be interesting to see the differences (if any) between the inhabitants of Joralemon St compared to Clark St compared to the out-of-the-way folks on Poplar St or College Place. If you film your block, let us know!

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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