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If These Knishes Could Talk

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Heather Quinlan’s NY Accent Film “If These Knishes Could Talk ” Covered On FOX 5

December 20, 2013

FOX 5 10:00 News spent time in the Heights last night interviewing BHB’s Heather Quinlan about her New York accent documentary, If These Knishes Could Talk. They also did a little man-on-the street action—see if you can spot the locals.

“Knishes” is also available on

New York News

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Brooklyn Bugle World Premiere — SPOKE: A Short Film About Bicycles In NYC, Short Partially With Google Glass

October 13, 2013

The Brooklyn Bugle is proud to present the World Premiere of Heather Quinlan’s new short documentary about biking in NYC – SPOKE.

Some faces, such as Ben Lee an NYC sanitation worker, may be familiar to fans of Quinlan’s last film If These Knishes Could Talk.

In SPOKE, Lee comments, “My dad escaped North Korea so he wouldn’t have to ride a bike to work. And here we are in the greatest city in the world, and people want to ride their bike to work. I don’t get it.”

So how are those bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians getting along lately?

“The streets are dominated by toxic-belching death machines in a Darwinian death race,” declares bicycle advocate Bill Weinberg.

Quinlan was granted an interview with Paul Steely White from Transportation Alternatives, but he then later refused to be interviewed. Requests to the DoT for an interview were not answered.

SPOKE – A Short Film About Bikes from Heather Quinlan on Vimeo.


SPOKE is about NYC bikes – the good, the bad, and the needs improvement. Featuring interviews with reporters, city workers, sanitation workers, lawyers, and people who love bikes but not bike lanes, love bikes but not CitiBikes, people who want to scrap the whole thing altogether, and people who wouldn’t change a thing. Also featuring fast and furious footage shot on Google Glass. SPOKE is directed by Heather Quinlan, whose previous film, “If These Knishes Could Talk,” chronicled the history of the New York accent.

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NYT Times Covers Heather Quinlan’s NY Accent Movie

May 11, 2013

The juggernaut that is BHB contributor Heather Quinlan’s If These Knishes Could Talk gains more steam with coverage in the New York Times. Last year BHB and its readers along with the Brooklyn Heights Cinema gave audiences a sneak peek of an early version of the film as well as providing donations for its completion.

The doc, featuring the soon-to-be totally famous Ben Lee (aka Asian Guido), makes it’s official debut at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival this Thursday:

NYT: This is one of the inferences to be drawn from “If These Knishes Could Talk: The Story of the New York Accent,” a film in some sense betrayed by its title, because its purpose is to show how multifarious (and mutable) the New York accent actually is. A documentary by a native New Yorker named Heather Quinlan, the film, having its premiere at the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival on Thursday, examines the way that different immigrant groups adapted to speaking in the city, and illuminates the distinctions that were the result. The Jewish accent (Woody Allen) is syntactically different from the Italian accent (“The Godfather”). And, in turn, both are different from the Irish accent, which Ms. Quinlan believes was best illustrated — in popular entertainment — in “All in the Family” (“goil,” for girl, “terlet” for toilet), and has largely vanished.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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