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The Impressions Head the Bill for Free the Slaves Concert at Plymouth

December 31, 2013

Plymouth Church is known for its pre-eminent role, under the leadership of Henry Ward Beecher, in the anti-slavery movement before the Civil War. While the Emancipation Proclamation declared the slaves free, and the Thirteenth Amendment abolished the “peculiar institution,” slavery still exists in the United States, and, on a larger scale, elsewhere in the world. Human trafficking for the sex trade is the best known aspect, but there is also slavery of the sort common in the antebellum South–men and women forced to do field or factory or domestic labor without pay and while held in bondage–in almost all parts of the world. Indeed, it is estimated that today there are more people held in slavery than ever in history.

The Brooklyn Historical society, Plymouth Church, and Free the Slaves, an organization that is combating slavery of all kinds throughout the world, are presenting two events, a roundtable discussion at BHS on Friday, january 10, and a concert at Plymouth on Saturday, January 11, featuring the Impressions (video above), the Inspirational Voices of Abyssinian Baptist Church, Naomi Shelton & the Gospel Queens, and members of the Dap-Kings. The roundtable discussion begins at 7:00 p.m. Friday, but the BHS doors will open at 6:00 to allow you a sneak peek at the new exhibit “Brooklyn Abolitionists in Pursuit of Freedom.” Admission to this event is free, but you must reserve tickets here. The concert, which is a benefit for Free the Slaves, starts at 8:00 p.m. Saturday. Tickets are $25 or, for VIP seating, $150, and may be purchased here.

There is more information here.

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Atlantic Avenue Children’s Story Reading Series

December 4, 2013

Winners of the Atlantic Avenue Children’s Literature Contest will read original stories along with selections from their favorite picture books. Judging panel includes Brooklyn-native Bruce Degan, illustrator of The Magic School Bus series. Kids will decide the Kids Choice Award by voting for their favorite story. Free hot chocolate provided by Sahadi’s along with bookmarks for all but space is limited. Please RSVP on to reserve a spot at one or more of the readings.

Saturday mornings December 7, December 14, and December 21 at the following locations:

December 7, 10am, Sahadi’s: Ruth Chan, “Where’s Bernie?”
December 7, 11am, Nest Egg Kids: Buzz Koenig “Cookie Store Wanted”
December 7, 12pm, Elite Optique: Stephanie Lane Elliott “Raccoons!”
Contest judge Tamson Weston ( published children’s book author and freelance kids book editor will attend the first two readings on the 7th.

December 14, 10am, Flor: Kevin Maertens “Quattro Formaggi”
December 14, 11am, Grumpy Bert: Dana A. Catherine “Jupi’s Journey” & Sarah Heller “Our Walk”
Contest judge and children’s book illustrator Nancy Doniger ( will attend the readings on December 14th.

December 21, 10am, The Herbe Shoppe: Graham Willner “Flight”
December 21, 11am, Table 87: Barbara DiLorenzo “Atlantic Avenue Dragon”
December 21, 12:30pm, Gumbo: Kristabelle Munson “Miles and the Garden”
Contest judge Melissa Guinon (, author and illustrator of “Baby Penguins Everywhere!” will attend readings on the 21st.

Prizes will be awarded at the readings with the top prize for the best story at $1,000! Second prize will be $300 and third prize is $100.

Other judges on the esteemed panel include Namrata Tripathi, Executive Editor at Atheneum Books for Young Readers and Rachel Orr, Literary Agent for Children’s Books at the Prospect Agency.

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Brooklyn Heights Resident Diane Ravitch: Five Things Mayor de Blasio Should Do About Education

November 9, 2013

The election of Bill de Blasio as mayor of New York is a “major setback” for the polices of Mike Bloomberg and George W. Bush says author/Brooklyn Heights resident Diane Ravitch in a new blog post. Saying that, de Blasio “understands the failure of the Bloomberg education policies,” she outlines 5 things the new mayor should do to make schools better.

They are:

First, he must restore the contiguous community school districts, each of which has a superintendent to oversee the condition and progress of the schools.

Second, the restoration of neighborhood schools would eliminate the byzantine “choice” process that Bloomberg initiated, whereby parents of children applying to middle school and high school visited schools, listed a dozen choices, and hoped for the best.

Third, de Blasio should assemble a team of expert educators—recruited from the ranks of the city’s most respected retired educators—who will take on a double assignment.

Fourth, de Blasio should follow through on his campaign promise to set higher expectations for the city’s charter sector. The policy of co-location does not work.

Fifth, and far from last, the new mayor should de-emphasize testing and accountability.

Ravitch adds that the key to success is finding a chancellor who agrees with de Blasio’s vision. She says that person, “should be an experienced educator who shares the mayor’s view that the needs of children really do come first and that data are far less important than the restoration of respect for learning, respect for educators, and the realization that a new day has dawned for public education in New York City.”

Read the full post here.

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Theater 2020 Presents Two Holiday Events

November 26, 2012

They were a great success last year, so our Brooklyn Heights neighbors, David Fuller and Judith Jarosz of Theater 2020, are presenting holiday events on the next two weekends. Both will be happening at St. Charles Borromeo, 21 Sidney Place. The first, on this coming Sunday, December 2, starting at 3:00 p.m. will be A Merry Joyful Noise, featuring the group RPM:

The group features performers Mary Lou Barber, John Canary (& Piano), Paula Hoza, Luisa Tedoff & Tim Weiss (& Guitar), from the Broadway, Cabaret & Indie Theater community. Admission [suggested donation $20, no one will be turned away] includes an optional sing-a-long on some of the classics & a reception with the artists immediately following the concert. Great for the whole family.

The second event, on Saturday, December 8, also starting at 3:00 p.m., will be A Radio Christmas Carol, “Charles Dickens’ Christmas Classic Performed as a Radio Play complete with Foley Artist Sound Effects.” Again, admission is a suggested donation of $20, but no one will be turned away. For more information please visit the Theater 2020 website

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Scenes From Today’s Halloween Parade

October 27, 2012

This morning was cloudy, but there was no rain and the temperature was…temperate, so conditions were just about ideal for the Brooklyn Heights Halloween Parade. Photo (click to enlarge): kids in costumes and parents, many also costumed, gathered in the Pierrepont Playground before the parade. More photos and text after the jump.

Borough Prexy Marty Markowitz handed out candy. “The more you eat, the less I do.”

Heather White, of the BHPC, organized the Parade.

The parade gets underway.

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Open Thread: Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights

October 22, 2012

Last week’s “Best of the Heights” Open Thread on the ultimate spot to find solace in the neighborhood fostered enough responses to prove that folks would dare to share their favorite “private” spots. This week, we’re inquiring about a different kind of repose. A BHB reader wrote, “My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I was searching the blog for past threads on daycare. I could not find anything, other than preschool-related, so I’m wondering if you start a thread on the Best Daycare. I would love to get the opinions of our fellow neighbors.”

So there you have it: We’re now asking for your input on the Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights. Please include who and where you send your kiddies in the nabe, along with the ages of your children and any other pertinent info you think would be helpful (hours, $$, activities, etc.).

If you’ve missed previous “Best Of” Open Threads, see them here: Best Spot To Go Aaaah, Most Beautiful Building, Best Burger, Continue Reading…

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Seedlings Playschool Opens On Henry Street October 1

September 28, 2012

Seedlings Academic Playschool in Brooklyn Heights will open its doors to students this Monday, October 1. The program is geared to ages 2-4 years from 8:15-11:15 a.m. and noon-3 p.m., and expands at 3:30 p.m. to include after-school enrichment for 3-15 year olds. According to A Child Grows in Brooklyn, the school will have a 4:1 child/teacher ratio for play-school and enrichment classes with a “child-directed, teacher-guided” program. BHB will be doing a longer feature on the school in the coming weeks.

The school is in a brownstone at 42 Henry Street. Pick-up is available from children’s schools. For full details, including schedule and pricing, see here. Seedlings Academic’s phone number is 718-222-1849.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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One Mom’s Battle Against the Wack Jobs of Brooklyn Heights

August 27, 2012

We received a fiery dispatch from a BHB reader/Mom over the weekend. Given the fact that Mrs. Fink and I have had similar brushes with the “eccentric” side of Brooklyn Heights since Baby Fink was born in 2010, we wonder if any of you have had similar experiences. Check out our reader’s tale of Brooklyn Heights Crazy after the jump.

In my 20′s and 30′s I lived on the Upper East Side. I lived with my boyfriend, we were artists had no kids and were not ashamed to eat Ramen Noodles. So, I would bristle every time a perfectly manicured and accessorized UES mom suddenly stopped their $700 stroller in the middle of the crowded sidewalk to give their darling, adorably dressed charges a cookie. I would grit my teeth and think, “JUST PULL OVER.” So, now that I’m a mom respectfully do my best not to block the narrow jagged sidewalks of my beloved Brooklyn Heights. I say I succeed about 90% of the time.

Now, I’m not proud of this but I have from time to time, been know to shoot my mouth off. Combine that with a mom’s fierce, primal instinct to defend their child and it’s a volatile combination.

But I have NO idea what happened this past week. Maybe Mercury was in retrograde or the planets aligned in some horrible way, but the wack job haters were out in force. And they found ME. Let’s just say I now know how a person could lift a car off their kid.

1) Starbucks arty woman in black says to my friend twice, “2 kids? You should keep your legs shut!” I said “Eccentric is one thing, rude is another. How bout you keep your mouth shut!”

2) Sidewalk on Pierrepont (Mom and daughter push in between stroller and my son and actually moved my son out of the way. The words excuse me never crossed their lips. I am, for once, speechless but when one of them turns around to give me a dirty look from across the street I scream “Don’t touch my kid, how bout “Excuse Me?!”

3) Eastern Athletic (With PLENTY of room on the sidewalk a man pushes between my friend, my stroller and I, steps on my friend’s foot and yells at me “You must have a very strong sense of entitlement! You’re taking up the whole sidewalk” Honestly, we weren’t. He even dared to take a step toward us with my son in the stroller. I turned the stroller away and said “you are going to get in my face when I have my child in the stroller? What is WRONG WITH YOU?!” He kept screaming and entered the club. I almost called the cops to have him arrested…my call to the club manager was pointless. They won’t intervene if an incident happens on the sidewalk, only inside the club.

I’ve given up hope that people will hold doors for us. And it’s only when I have an expression of total panic on my face that someone will assist us down the Subway stairs. But, these incidents this week put me over the edge. So to answer the psycho from Eastern Athetic’s question: YES I do have a sense of entitlement! I am entitled to defend my child! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? How is it ok to TOUCH another person’s child? What happened to “excuse me?” Why is there so much hostility toward women taking care of children? Knowing that any clever retort (real or imagined) I make can’t change bad behavior, why can’t I keep my cool? Has anything like this happened to you? Mama needs a glass of wine.

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Help Refill The Sandbox At Harry Chapin Playground: Saturday, July 28

July 24, 2012

The Brooklyn Heights Playground Committee invites all to help refill the sandbox at the Harry Chapin Playground, on Columbia Heights north of Cranberry Street. The sandy extravaganza will take place this Saturday, July 28, at 8:30 a.m. More information here. (Photo: Claude Scales)

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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