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Open Thread: Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights

October 22, 2012

Last week’s “Best of the Heights” Open Thread on the ultimate spot to find solace in the neighborhood fostered enough responses to prove that folks would dare to share their favorite “private” spots. This week, we’re inquiring about a different kind of repose. A BHB reader wrote, “My wife and I are expecting our first child, and I was searching the blog for past threads on daycare. I could not find anything, other than preschool-related, so I’m wondering if you start a thread on the Best Daycare. I would love to get the opinions of our fellow neighbors.”

So there you have it: We’re now asking for your input on the Best Daycare Center In Brooklyn Heights. Please include who and where you send your kiddies in the nabe, along with the ages of your children and any other pertinent info you think would be helpful (hours, $$, activities, etc.).

If you’ve missed previous “Best Of” Open Threads, see them here: Best Spot To Go Aaaah, Most Beautiful Building, Best Burger, Best Dry Cleaner, Best Pizza Pie, Best Handyman, Best Car Service and Best Vet & Dog Walker.

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