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I’ll Drink To That: Red Gravy’s Cocktail Specialties Perused

February 14, 2013

Serious Eats peruses the cocktail specialties at Red Gravy, Saul Bolton’s acclaimed restaurant at 151 Atlantic Avenue that opened in December.

In Eats’ “First Look” column, beverage director Jesse Cason notes: “Italians have thirsts that match their appetite. They believe wine and spirits are integral to their enjoyment of their native cuisine. We like to think of our libations as enlivening to the palate, but also medicinal. Hopefully they will cure what ails you.”

Serious Eats adds, “The cocktails at Red Gravy bear in mind the Italian practice of consuming apertivi to stimulate the appetite, and digestivi to aid in digestion. You’ll recognize bottles of amari and herb-laced bitters behind the bar and in the cocktails: take, for example, the Whiskey Skiffer, a spin on a Boulevardier that’s made with Cynar, an artichoke-laced liqueur, instead of the traditional Campari for an extra-bitter punch.

More on Serious Eats.

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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Gothamist Weighs In On Atlantic Avenue’s Red Gravy Restaurant

January 12, 2013

Saul Bolton’s new eatery, Red Gravy, which opened at 151 Atlantic Avenue in December, got props from the Zagat Blog earlier this week. Now Gothamist weighs in, also offering some keen pics and the dinner menu.

Gothamist: “Chef Saul Bolton, the talented toque who runs Saul, one of the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Brooklyn, has opened a new joint in Brooklyn Heights called Red Gravy. The 75-seat trattoria is located in the space formerly occupied by Mezcal at 151 Atlantic Avenue, and it’s not a flashy affair. Exposed brick walls and wooden ceiling beams, simple chandeliers and a modest bar layout create a casual framework for Bolton’s seasonal Italian menu. Considering Bolton’s impeccable reputation and the lack of competition on this stretch of Atlantic, we’re not surprised to hear Red Gravy’s been mobbed.”

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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