I tell The Turtlenauts of Zond 5 about the Replacements, Joe Ely, Phil Ochs, the Mekons, and the lack of a true self

  Although tortoises are not mammals, humankind should remain in awe of the achievement of Bek and Lek, two tortoises who circled the moon on September 18, 1968. This is not fantasy: In 1968, the Soviets Russians were frantically attempting to beat the Americans and the Apollo space program to the moon.  They launched the [...]

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Opinion: Reclining Your Airline Seat Puts You in League with Satan

This week a United Airlines flight from Denver to Newark was diverted to Chicago after two passengers got into an altercation over the use of a device that prevents riders from reclining their seats. Reports say that a male passenger used a product called Knee Defender to guard himself against the threat of a full-reclining [...]

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Brooklyn Heights Library Weathers The Summer Just Fine

With the days shortening and the buzz of a new school year underscoring that summer’s end is near, BHB checked in on the Brooklyn Heights Library branch, whose hours the past three summers have been drastically curtailed due to a defunct air condition system. On a recent balmy August weekday, the branch appears as active [...]
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R.E.M. Were the Band of Our Time

This past Sunday was the 32nd anniversary of the release of Chronic Town by R.E.M. I tried writing about this event with some objectivity, wit, or erudition, but failed. That’s because R.E.M. were the band of our time. However, here’s what I did come up with: R.E.M. were the band of our time.  They weren’t [...]

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All Hail Dada Sitcoms like Luxury Comedy

Bizarrely, live-action television has rarely been a particularly fertile venue for surrealism. This is very odd indeed, for the very premise of most historical (and many contemporary) sitcoms could not be more surreal:  people pretend to act like a “real” family or “real” friends, except they do it in front of an audience in a [...]

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Taking the Tim Sommer Challenge: Here’s My Top Ten Song List

A few weeks ago Tim Sommer, whose Noise, the Column graces the Brooklyn Bugle, responded to his friend Tim Broun, publisher of the blog Stupefaction, by publishing a playlist of his top ten songs on the Bugle. He concluded the title of his post with, “…
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Rock’n'Roll is Dead, Long Live Rock’n'Roll! (Of course, this is about Scott Walker)

Reeves Gabrels plays guitar like a scientist getting ready to torch his lab for the insurance money.  He is an alchemist who ignores all genre boundaries and summons the spirit of Sun Ra saddling up Steve Vai for a ride to see Mick Ronson jamming with the Sex Pistols playing Jefferson Airplane’s “Embryonic Journey.” But [...]

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Linda Rizzo is a DJ and photographer whose efforts do great honor to the ghosts of the Kingdom of the Outsiders: her visual work is alive with peeling window sills,  brash bodegas, and  shadowed skyscrapers. Behind the turntables she respects the disparate din of New York, sounds danceable and punkable and trashbilly-rilly-sock’em-rockable. Linda – under [...]

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The New York Times is Idiotic, AGAIN, and It Gives Me an Excuse to Rave About Echo & The Bunnymen

Dear New York Times: Once upon a time, when we wore Adidas, watched Melba Tolliver, were confused by the suicide of Peter Duel and sang sweet songs about Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, the New York Times was known as The Paper of Record. As a young man, I would scan your pages, fingers becoming ashen [...]

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Tell the Bartender Episode 41: LIVE with Jamie Kilstein and Chris Gethard!

Listen to Episode 41: LIVE with Jamie Kilstein and Chris Gethard! Download From iTunes Here In this Episode: The Bartender is joined by Jamie Kilstein and Chris Gethard for another wonderful live show. PLUS a listener shout out, and we play Craigslist Ad or Casting Notice with Shawn T. Andrew! Recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. Photos taken […]
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Billy Rath R.I.P, and the Heartbreakers Rock Forever

Despite all our ascents into art and madness (decade-long day trips to the hills to hear the humming airsome arpeggios of Pink Floyd and the teen-high whimsy of Kinks; forays through dark foreign alleys to be happily harangued by Nick Cave or Scott; even the years spent banging our heads against the broken-glass walls of [...]

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Watch Lena Dunham Take the Ice Bucket Challenge

Hey Lena Dunham is now a blonde! And she just dumped a whole bucket of ice water on her head as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Seems that Jaime King and pop star Taylor Swift took part in the controversial fund raising daisychain and challenged Dunham to do it next. Here’s Brooklyn Heights resident [...]

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Watch Spike Lee Revisit The Brooklyn of ‘Do the Right Thing’ in this New Video

Apple‘s Beats Music, makers of a subscription music service you may or may not like and really expensive headphones you’ve convinced yourself are worth $400, sent filmmaker Spike Lee on a journey to Bed-Stuy to revisit sites from his 1989 classic “Do the Right Thing“. What do you think the biggest changes have been in [...]

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Watch the Legendary Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara’s Pizza in Action Making Pies

Among the scores of Brooklyn’s legendary talents is Domenico DeMarco of Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood. The man himself admits that Anthony Bourdain‘s declaration of the eatery as “the best of the best” has added to their reputation (note that credit is widely given to the Village Voice giving them the top nod back in [...]

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The Solution to All Our Problems: Not Your Average Goat and Your Average Goat

There is a great beauty in confusion.  The seemingly random assembly of events, geometry, words, sounds, forms, colors, and dimensions can stir emotions, engender communication, inspire ideas, and motivate action.  Just ask Marcel Duchamp, Tristan Tzara, Man Ray, Kurt Schwitters, Dali, Antonin Artaud, and the scores upon scores of mainstream artists they inspired. In order [...]

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Forget the German’s White Flag Stunt, Watch this Brit Artist Use the Brooklyn Bridge as a Harp

Last year, British artist Di Mainstone was filmed playing the Brooklyn Bridge like a harp. She accomplished this feat using a specially designed vest that allows her to pluck the bridges suspension cables like a harp.

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FIVE GREAT SONGS (Just Because!)

Because it’s Wednesday, and because it would simply be tasteless to engage in a detailed discussion of the Rule of Threes, I am presenting the FIRST edition of Tim Sommer’s Five Great Songs Just Because list.  Which is exactly what it sounds like. Now, the theme today is, uh, guitars, with a sub-theme of SONGS [...]

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German Art Group Takes Credit for Brooklyn Bridge White Flag Stunt

Two German artists are taking credit for last month’s Brooklyn Bridge flag swap. Heck, it was all a tribute to the man who built the bridge: NYT: But the artists, Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke, say the flags — with hand-stitched stars and stripes, all white — had nothing to do with terrorism. In a [...]

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