Tell the Bartender Episode 51: High/Low and Stitch

Listen to Episode 51: High/Low and Stitch Download From iTunes Here In this Episode: Andrea recalls a series of events that lead to a major life change, and Forest talks about performing what should have been a simple procedure during his time as an Army medic in Iraq. PLUS listener shout outs and news about the next Tell The Bartender […]
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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “Being Mortal” by Atul Gawande

We are mortal: we’re born and, ultimately, we die. We resist the notion, we defy it, and eventually we succumb. What happens in the penultimate period, whether it’s weeks or months, is the topic of Atul Gawande’s very timely and useful new book “Being Mortal.” Gawande begins with the twentieth century, whose medical advances in [...]

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Kraftwerk’s Incredible Invention (and Where It Came From)

“The simplest description of emptiness in the Buddhist teachings is this sentence: This is because that is. A flower cannot exist by itself alone. To be can only mean to inter-be. To be by oneself alone is impossible. Everything else is present in the flower; the only thing the flower is empty of is itself.” [...]

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Tom Petty’s Tiny, Muppet-like Feet, and Other Observations from the Life of a (Sometimes Assholic) Music Journalist

I had the extraordinary good fortune to begin a career as a music journalist when I was barely 16. In the spring of 1978, Ira Robbins, one of the inventors of Modern New Wave/Punk culture, hired me as an office boy at Trouser Press magazine, and for some reason began running some of my stories. [...]

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The Struggle Bus Episode 7: A Dab of (Talk About) Bisexuality, Why It’s Never Too Late To Start Over Even Though It Always Feels Like It Is, and Dealing with Jealousy and Control in Relationships (No Matter Where You Live)

Listen to Episode 7 Subscribe On iTunes In this episode: The Zin is in and the shoes are off (literally). Sally talks about her first ever Christmas and Kate’s eventful (not in a good way) New Year’s Eve. Next up, Kate and Sally respond to a young single parent who wants to explore a new […]
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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “The Paying Guests” by Sarah Waters

Honesty is the best policy, we’re often told, and the story (possibly apocryphal) about George Washington and the cherry tree is a story of virtue. What happens when we fail to be honest, with ourselves and with others is a central theme of Sarah Waters’ novel “The Paying Guests.” Frances Wray and her mother, Emily, [...]

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Reconsidering Elvis Presley

Somewhere in the sun-dulled suburbs clinging to Memphis, bleached yellow by the low, bright winter light and dotted by Super 8 signs on alien legs and baby-shit colored buildings labeled Dental Plaza, lies one of the Rosetta Stones of rock’n’roll. There are many of these stele all over the Western World, some half-buried, some fully [...]

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Lance Loud: The First Real Boy On The Sun

In 1973, I was unarguably a child, arguably pre-sexual, and extraordinarily curious about the world around me.  I was also constantly aware that I was being conned. I knew that the people I saw on television were strangers; not just strangers to my way of life (full of the usual oppressions, limitations, disenfranchisements, and handicaps of [...]

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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “How to Think About Exercise” by Damon Young

Exercise: you know it’s good for you, often you do it, and usually you acknowledge how good you feel afterwards. It’s mindless, or you take your mind off it by watching TV or listening to “Serial.” But thinking about it? Why read a book about making exercise mindful? Would it surprise you to learn that [...]

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Tell the Bartender Episode 50: Filing Solo

Listen to Episode 50: Filing Solo Download From iTunes Here In this Episode: Frankie joins The Bartender to talk about when she first realized that maybe you shouldn’t answer the door when you live alone. Even if it’s the lead paint inspector. Then Liz tells a very touching story about what she learned from her first love. It also involves a filing […]
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Is Brooklyn Heights What Manhattan Used To Be? Ethan Hawke Thinks So

Actor/Brooklyn Heights resident Ethan Hawke says that Brooklyn is what Manhattan used to be in a Manhattan Magazine profile.
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Harry Macklowe flips off New York City

432 Park Avenue (center in the photo above) claims the title of tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, and second tallest in New York City, but if measured by roof height the tallest. It’s described by its architect, Rafael Viñoly, as…
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A Visit from St. Grohl

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the hall Not a creature was stirring, except for Dave Grohl. Others may be dreaming of Santa and his sleigh, But for the Concierge of Rock, ’twas another busy day. As children were nestled all snug in their beds, Visions of interviews danced in Dave’s head: Some [...]

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Check Out this GoPro Video of the Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

YouTube user and Redditor “Wing L” posted this video of the Christmas light action in Dyker Heights. See what all the fuss is about as well as witnessing locals in some interesting costumes. As for the clip Wing says: Dykers Heights in Brooklyn NY is well known for it’s extravagant Christmas decorations put forth by [...]

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Our Five Favorite Christmas Songs

For me (and, I suspect, others of my generation) Christmas will always be the Yule Log on WPIX, the muted glow of midnight mass televised live from St. Patrick’s, and the commercial with all the Channel 4/Live At 5 people singing in the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink (Speaking of which Sue Simmons will have her [...]

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The Signal Podcast Episode #03 – A Proportional Response

Episode 3, in which Dan and Jill mull over recent cyber attacks on Sony Pictures for a pretty lame looking comedy starring Seth Rogen (whom Jill secretly loves) and James Franco.

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Hollywood was hit by a cyberattack, and the U.S. is de…
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Last Minute Holiday Spirit: A Wine and Spirits Gift Guide

We all have tricky recipients on our list, and time is running out. Here are some gift ideas to help you wrap up (no pun intended!) and relax into the festivities:

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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “The Summer House” by Alice Thomas Ellis

Margaret is to be married to Syl. Margaret is quite young, perhaps 20, and Syl is rather older, in his forties, about the age of Margaret’s mother Monica. Syl lives with his own mother, Mrs. Monro (or, often, old Mrs. Monro) in the same private housing estate as Margaret and Monica. Monica’s husband Derek left [...]

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