#DepthsofHell: Woman Has Ankle Grabbed by Perv as She Walks Up Subway Stairs

So what would you do if some creep grabbed you as you walked up the subway stairs? One Redditor recently had that problem and posted her account.

What would you do? Discuss after the jump.

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The Honeymooners, Professor Irwin Corey, and more idiocy at The New York Times — what more could you ask for?

This past Tuesday was the 100th Birthday of (the still very much alive) Professor Irwin Corey, a true artist, a man who brought the most wonderful and extreme forms of Dada to the masses via the most unlikely means. He is an inspiration to all lovers of nonsense and all people who aspire to use [...]

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I Suffered for This Top Ten Song List, Now It’s Your Turn

Recently, Tim Broun, whom I’ve known since we were both teenagers, asked me to contribute a playlist to his articulate, fascinating, and arcane music blog, STUPEFACTION (http://theworldsamess.blogspot.com/).  This is very flattering, since other people who have been bestowed with this honor include Vini Reilly, Keith Levene, Twink, James Williamson, Hugo Burnham, Andrew Loog Oldham, Viv [...]

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The 13th Apostle by Dermot McEvoy

One thing about historical fiction: if you know anything about the history, there are no spoilers. When I picked up The 13th Apostle, I knew how it would end. Michael Collins would die by an assassin’s bullet. I knew it was because of a dispute that ha…
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Watch the Cone: One Man’s Struggle at the Brooklyn Heights Haagen Dazs

The following is a Brooklyn Bugle reader’s account of their experience at the Montague Street Haagen Dazs in Brooklyn Heights.

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Casting Atrocities LIve! Watch the Full Cast and Loose Show from Joe’s Pub Now

Lynn Rosenberg’s Cast and Loose Tumblr has become sort of a legend. For about the last year or so, the actress has documented the wacky and often offensive and tone-deaf casting notices posted in various publications. Last night (7/28), she gathered a group of actor friends to read some of the most notable notices at [...]

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Books, Race, and Other Things I admit I Know Very Little About

I can imagine little more challenging than writing about the experience of being black in America if you are not black.  I don’t think it’s possible to write or think about race unless you admit what you don’t know (which is nearly everything), and then use that as a starting point. I feel it’s sort [...]

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Clothes in Pop Music, Part 1, 1955-63

My friend Moira Redmond has a blog called Clothes in Books. When she started it, I reminded her that Ayn Rand heroines favored high waisted gowns in the ‘Empire’ style, because she had, during her term as Fray Editor, remarked that any post mentioning …
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Boston’s “More Than A Feeling” and the Lost Art of Artisanal Recording

Change is constant, change is unavoidable. All of our favorite buildings will one day be destroyed, all our favorite bars reduced to rubble or hipster coffee houses, all our treasured theatres where the rock bands of our youth stomped and swaggered, with sticky floors and soaring, chipped ceilings turned ash-gray by decades of smoke, will [...]

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Inside The Islamic Connection Hoax to Brooklyn Bridge Flag Prank Your Facebook and Twitter Friends Fell For

So your Tea Party Facebook friends are doing a lap and high fiving each other right now over this “news item”: The National Report: Sheldon Wayne Thomas is a New York firefighter stationed in Brooklyn’s 68th precinct. He accompanied officers Tuesday because of his experience as a climber, helping them traverse the cables to reach [...]

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Friday Random Noise: The Third Greatest Band of All Time, That Hit Song I Played On

The Random Noise List: WORST BAIT AND SWITCH ON CLASSIC ROCK RADIO:  Okay, “Riders on the Storm” fades out, and this very mysterious, serpentine violin comes in, and then this rising dramatic string section sneaks under the speakers, and the violin does this gorgeous, seductive dance that reminds you of perfectly-peaked Eastern European rooftops, and [...]

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Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: “Amy Falls Down” A Novel by Jincy Willett

Some years ago, Michael Kinsley explored the notion of a political gaffe, an event, he said, when “a politician tells the truth — or more precisely, when he or she accidentally reveals something truthful about what is going on in his or her head.” Amy, the title character of Jincy Willett’s deeply comic novel “Amy [...]

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Forest City Ratner Again Focus of Local Residents’ Ire

Fort Greene residents are holding their noses—literally—as a result of the latest Forest City Ratner incursion into their neighborhood. Residents at One Rockwell Place have complained to a host of public officials, including Public Advocate Tish James, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and New York City Council Member Laurie Combo, about 10 MetroTech Center, where [...]
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Wooly Bully Is A Very Effing Heavy Song

“Wooly Bully” came on the radio. I’ve been listening to it for a lifetime, but I never really heard it. It is far, far too easy to dismiss this hopping, hollering, shrieking, stomping habanero’d hash-sling of a screech, almost sinister in its’ hysterical simplicity, as a glorious piece of garage trash, a novelty product of [...]

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Photos from a "Hidden Harbor" Tour

A few weeks ago my wife and I went on one of the Hidden Harbor tours presented by the Working Harbor Committee. These tours, which use chartered Circle Line boats, take one into parts of New York harbor one doesn’t usually see closely unless one works …
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Brooklyn Bridge Flag Swap: Pranksters Are Not Gangsters Let Alone Terrorists

Yesterday’s flag flip on the Brooklyn Bridge was not an act of terror. It was a silly prank, most likely pulled by skateboarding teenagers (if you go by the latest NYPD notion). The only thing terrorizing about that would be if the skateboarders were older than 19. No one over the age of 19 whose [...]

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How Did This Item Meet Your Expectations?

Because I recently purchased a Rubik’s Cube… Amazon kindly wrote me and asked the following question:  “So, Timothy Sommer, how did this item meet your expectations?” Here’s what I (actually) wrote back:  Dear Sirs and/or Madam and/or Former Member of Counting Crows now employed operating the mailbot that asks me to review products recently purchased [...]

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Escape from Brooklyn: Wine Tasting Around Sonoma

Every year, millions of tourists head to Napa Valley to take in the sun and quaff wine at the source, so to speak. Friends often ask me for recommendations on their trip and my answer is simple: I’d go to Sonoma County instead. When I first started to go wine tasting, you could drive from [...]

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