Wooly Bully Is A Very Effing Heavy Song

“Wooly Bully” came on the radio. I’ve been listening to it for a lifetime, but I never really heard it. It is far, far too easy to dismiss this hopping, hollering, shrieking, stomping habanero’d hash-sling of a screech, almost sinister in its’ hysterical simplicity, as a glorious piece of garage trash, a novelty product of [...]

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Brooklyn Bridge Flag Swap: Pranksters Are Not Gangsters Let Alone Terrorists

Yesterday’s flag flip on the Brooklyn Bridge was not an act of terror. It was a silly prank, most likely pulled by skateboarding teenagers (if you go by the latest NYPD notion). The only thing terrorizing about that would be if the skateboarders were older than 19. No one over the age of 19 whose [...]

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How Did This Item Meet Your Expectations?

Because I recently purchased a Rubik’s Cube… Amazon kindly wrote me and asked the following question:  “So, Timothy Sommer, how did this item meet your expectations?” Here’s what I (actually) wrote back:  Dear Sirs and/or Madam and/or Former Member of Counting Crows now employed operating the mailbot that asks me to review products recently purchased [...]

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Escape from Brooklyn: Wine Tasting Around Sonoma

Every year, millions of tourists head to Napa Valley to take in the sun and quaff wine at the source, so to speak. Friends often ask me for recommendations on their trip and my answer is simple: I’d go to Sonoma County instead. When I first started to go wine tasting, you could drive from [...]

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White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge: Make No Mistake, This Was a Terrorist Act

A synchronized attack took place last night on the Brooklyn Bridge. While we don’t know what the motivation was behind the act of stealing the flags atop the span’s towers and replacing them with a bleached American flag and a makeshift white one, it was without doubt an act of terror. This was a planned [...]

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The Hideous Future of Bloomuliani’s City

Over the last generation, Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg set out to transform the economic, physical, and social landscape of Manhattan in a way that would impact all future generations of New Yorkers.  To put it kindly, they wanted to make the city safe for economic investment and the interests of a white, money-spending and taxable [...]

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Emily Gould is Sorry for Upsetting Lena Dunham or Mailer and Vidal Did It Better

Writer Emily Gould has upset Brooklyn Heights resident Lena Dunham. Apparently the author of the new book Friendship has been using an anecdote about the “Girls” star and her boyfriend/rock star Jack Antonoff engaging in “PDA” at a party here recently. This resulted in Dunham reportedly (and rightly) direct messaging the author saying “you fully [...]
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Break on Through: Remembering The Diamond

The studio light would blink. I’d answer the phone, expecting a buzzed request for Metallica or Aerosmith. “KDDX, this is Dan.” “Dan. This is Diamond. Tighten the fuck up!” Click. In a radio studio the phone never rings, but the light is always blinking. Nighttime radio is great. Broadcasting from the Black […]
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Tell the Bartender Episode 39: First Impressions

Listen to Episode 39: First Impressions Download From iTunes Here In this episode: The Curry Man:  Marty talks about “The Curry Man” who visits you in your sleep. This is real. Typhoon Of Shame: Sally shares a very personal tale about meeting her life long hero under the worst circumstances. It involves a famous person who was a guest on this show. PLUS […]
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December, 1980. Weinstein Dorm, U2, and…

Last week, I wrote about the year 1980.  Today, I want to write about just one month:   December 1980. In December 1980, I was 18 and three-quarters years old; when you are that age, these fractions still seemed to matter). I was a sophomore at NYU, and I was living in the Weinstein Center for [...]

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Smell Something? Say Something.

We’ve received this somewhat cryptic message from Notify NYC: Notification issued on 7/19/14 at 11:18 AM. The United States Coast Guard reports that a ship in Arthur Kill [red in map] off the coast of Staten Island is offloading various fuel products. As a result, there may be an odor in Staten Island and Brooklyn. [...]
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Downtown Brooklyn Macy’s a Teardown Option?

With reports Wednesday that Macy’s is considering a sale of its flagship location in Brooklyn, speculation begins about the fate of Fulton Mall’s largest and grandest building. According to Women’s Wear Daily, executives at the Cincinnati-based retail chain are said to be debating whether to renovate the venerable building at 422 Fulton Street or to [...]
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