Open Thread: Kings of Pizza – Beyond Brooklyn’s Best

June 7, 2011

By now you’re totally up to speed on last week’s “Pizza Summit” between TV personality/real estate developer/Obama’s punchline Donald Trump and  1/2 term Alaska governor/TV personality/not a presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  After eating at a La Famiglia chain pizzeria, Palin commented that it was “real New York pizza.”

Anyone who is even remotely from New York knows that’s as far from the truth as you can get.  The statement sent pizza aficionados into a tizzy – most notably  The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.   The comic also noted that Trump had double stacked his slices and ate with a fork — something the Trumpster defended  to pizza blog Slice as a weight loss tactic.

In Stewart’s rant he mentions several of NYC’s best pizzerias including many in Brooklyn.

We all know the obvious go-to pizza places here:

  • Grimaldi’s Pizza DUMBO (Fulton Ferry Landing District for you sticklers)
  • Di Fara Pizza Midwood
  • L&B Spumoni Gardens Bensonhurst
  • Totonno’s Pizza  Coney Island
  • Lucali’s Carroll Gardens

But aside from these “Joe DiMaggio/Mickey Mantles” of abeetz we’re pretty sure there are some unsung heroes in Brooklyn.  For us, it’s My Little Pizzeria on Court Street in Brooklyn Heights or Sal’s Pizzeria in Cobble Hill.  Neither are the coal oven Nirvana that some of Brooklyn’s superstars are but they are solid above average go-to places.

What pizzerias would you put on an “undiscovered” list?  Comment away!

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