Brooklyn Bugle Book Club: Books for Kids

November 25, 2011

If you are not out shopping today, and are looking for something to do, why not spend a little time clearing out your bookcases? Books for Kids, a project of the Legal Aid Society’s Juvenile Rights Practice is looking for books for teen-aged and young adult clients.

Books for Kids is an innovative project designed to promote literacy for children involved in Family Court cases in New York city. . . Books for Kids provides some of New York’s most vulnerable children and families with opportunities to read and own their own books. Books for Kids is the only literacy program specifically targeting children who are involved in the New York City Family Court system.

To arrange your donation, contact:

Brooklyn: Lisa Podemski,, (718) 237-3100 or (718) 250-4505

Manhattan: (646) 597-4402 or (646) 597-4428

Queens: (718) 298-8910 or (718) 298-8944

Bronx: (718) 578-7950

Staten Island: (347) 422-5317 or (347) 422-5316

Have a book you want me to know about? Email me at

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