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Community Building and Book Sharing with Little Free Libraries

December 22, 2011

Have you ever stayed in a hotel where travellers and guests swapped and shared novels and guides? I have, and been grateful for a great book left behind by an earlier visitor. Now some people in Madison, Wisconsin have extended the idea. Little Free Libraries are free-standing outdoor bookcases where neighbors can share and exchange books. They are often themed, and library stewards agree to maintain them.

You can buy one or design and build your own, and designs range from simple to fanciful. The upper illustration, from the Little Free Library site, is the first one, located in Wisconsin. There’s a Facebook page too. Small presses have participated, supplying books. And yes, there’s a Little Free Library in Brooklyn – go to the Little Free Libraries Map page to find it. Better yet, start your own! And if you do, let us know about it.

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