Tale of the Tweets – The Weekend at Googa Mooga

May 20, 2012

The Bonnaroo of food, Googa Mooga, hit Prospect Park this weekend. And if you ask the Twitterverse it was either awesome or a mess. With the Roots and Hall & Oates playing the event, we’re thinking awesome. Add in the photo of Coolio included here and it closes the deal. We’ve compiled some of the best Tweets from GM here via Storify. Enjoy!

Googa Mooga in Brooklyn

@googamooga #brooklyn

Storified by Brooklyn Heights Blog · Sat, May 19 2012 22:06:19

I had a great time at @googamooga. The lines were OD, but for the most part the food made up for it. Would definitely go again. #googamoogaDamien Lemon
.@HolyGhostNYC at @GoogaMooga main stage from earlier today #nyc Nights
@coolio was "cookin" @googamooga !! By far the funniest thing there: Isaac
Fried chicken from @BlueRibbonNYC #extramooga @GoogaMooga. I really had to fight the crowd to get this chicken. Chlada
Horchata shake from @biggayicecream @GoogaMooga. One of the only GA food vendors @philwnyc and I waited for. Chlada
Shrimp sandwich from Fedora #extramooga @GoogaMooga that I had to chase a waiter for. Was not even that tasty. Chlada
Dirt cake from @dirt_cake. Another GA food we managed to snag @GoogaMooga Chlada
@GoogaMooga I have so many recommendations I don’t even know where to start. Event planning 101. Hope tomorrow is better for the lucky few.Carrie Baizer Tracy
This pretty much sums up @GoogaMooga. Almost there but not really. Left early to go home and order in. Chlada
@GoogaMooga I for one had a great day. People need to relax. Enjoy the park and the beautiful day along with the FREE music. Thanks !Spencer Lindenman
holy ghost! @googamooga Kadamus
I loved seeing the graceful butchery art of @AprilBloomfield #extramooga @GoogaMooga. Chlada
Ass ass ass ass ass #BigSean @GoogaMooga Huang
The unabashed @NoReservations #ExtraMooga @GoogaMooga. Chlada
Smile for the cameras! Team Dirty Bird @GoogaMooga !!! What a glorious day. Bird To Go
@coffeeandbikes @counter_culture @GoogaMooga @jessekahn – Apollo 8.0 + @umamiburger is a truly satisfying combination. Stagg
@googamooga great idea tragic executionziegz
Hamageddon @googamooga Burton
Besides ridic beer lines & black hole for all things phone/web, @GoogaMooga was sweet.. Holy Ghost! a huge highlight Million
weird –drove past @GoogaMooga sign makin fun of it. wk later manager is like "you guys are headlining that!" who’s coming out to BK 2day?!Questo of The Roots
@GoogaMooga by the numbers — 300 pounds of horse meat, 3,000 slices of crack pie and more! via @NewYorkPostChristina Amoroso

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