Touring the Ships at Piers 7 and 8

May 29, 2012

Yesterday your correspondent went to Piers 7 and 8 to view the ships docked there as part of OpSail 2012 and Fleet Week. Docked abreast at the foot of Pier 8 were the topsail schooners Etoile (left) and La Belle Poule, training ships for the French Navy. Behind them was the Armada de Mexico’s tall ship Cuauhtemoc.

Spain’s handsome four masted schooner Juan Sebastian de Elcano was docked on the north side of Pier 7.

Here is a close view of Elcano’s carved and gilded figurehead.

Docked behind Elcano was the Japan Defense Force destroyer Shirane.

Here is a view inside the wheelhouse of the Canadian destroyer Iroquois.

From Iroquois’ bridge, I could see the crowd lined up on Pier 6 to board the ferry to Governors Island.

Here is a back-lit view of Cuauhtemoc, showing her attractively draped sails.

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Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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