Open Thread: Best Handyman Serving Brooklyn Heights

August 13, 2012

Last Thursday’s Open Thread on the Best Car Service serving Brooklyn Heights was an 8-cylinder success. We’ll keep this going every week from here on for as long as we—and you—come up with valuable goods & services that folks rely upon in the neighborhood.

Today: your recommendations for the Best Handyman… a guy (or gal) who can help out with those annoying little things that break in the apartment. Too small for a contractor, too big to DIY. Please share name, phone, where you found him and what he accomplished for you (and how much you paid, if you don’t mind).

My suggestion: Ed at 718 924 0265, who was recommended by a friend. Talkative fellow, but efficient and negotiable. I had him install a ceiling fan ($55) and then, on the fly, he realigned my shower door ($10), which had been off the track and driving me nuts for a month.

Coming soon: contractors, painters, locksmiths, dog walkers, veterinarians, dry cleaners… and your suggestions. Please feel free to contribute ideas in this post.

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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