Cranberry Street Poster: Don’t Feed the Rats!

September 1, 2012

Moments after reading one resident’s poster on Cranberry Street about the proper disposal of dog poop, we spotted another across the street about the War on Rats.

As any resident of Brooklyn Heights knows, we are in a constant battle with these vile creatures. That is clearly one of the motivations of the poster who takes a sarcastic approach here:

WATCH: Biomonde’s Johnny Falco whacks rats on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Be Hospitable: They are your neighbors!

Throwing your garbage on the street is a boon to your good neighbors, the rats, who are rapidly infiltrating our blocks and congregating on our street corners. But it’s inconsiderate to the rest of us.

The message is clear: Please despot [sic] your garbage in airtight containers! It’s the right thing — and the legal thing — to do!

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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