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Tale of the Tweets: The Brooklyn Book Festival

September 24, 2012

Hundreds of authors and 70s TV icon Jimmy “JJ” Walker were on hand for the 6th annual Brooklyn Book Fair at Brooklyn Borough Hall and Plaza on Sunday. Check out what the attendees had to say on “the Twitter”:

Brooklyn Book Festival

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Sun, Sep 23 2012 18:25:44

Just met #JimmyWalker from 70’s #sitcom #GoodTimes @BKBF #Brooklyn #NYC #dynomite hernandez
Amy Goodman of @democracynow took a detour from her 100-city tour to interview @IsabelWilkerson for @BKBF #BKBFManolia Charlotin
@colsonwhitehead is a riot here at the @BKBF. Joyce Carol Oates looks as though she very uncomfortable with his schtick, though.Amy L. Hayden
Colson Whitehead has an ornate church full of white people totally cracking up every thirty seconds. @BKBFMichael Tracey
Amaaazing panel with Naomi Wolf…and I got to meet her! @bkbf #fangirl Bartz
OMG!!! watching Jaime Hernandez drawing Rena @bkbf!! Kushner
The @BKBF #FrightWrite panel was dope. @victorlavalle is dope. Scott Spencer was dope. Our moderator @sarahw was too. Angelella
What are you reading? #Brooklyn Book Festival @BKBF -> X II I
One of my favorite Brooklyn bookstores @CommunityBkstr packed as usual selling their stock at the @BKBF. Angelella
All my @soho_press brothers and sisters, selling out at the @BKBF. Angelella
What Brooklyn is reading @BKBF. Ropeik
Amy Goodman of @democracynow signs #SilencedMajority at the #Brooklyn Book Festival (@BKBF) Charlotin
#amazingauthor @EmbraceSeries on stage @BKBF Fire
The Sex panel: taboo in pictures @bkbf Yamaguchi
@EmbraceSeries @kendareblake @andreacremer @malindalo on stage @BKBF #yatransformations Fire
At the "Here in New York" panel w/authors Cecily Von Ziegasar, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, Nathan Larson #BKBF @BKBF Black
Ha, The Great Gatsby = First World Problems. Thanks Brooklyn Book Festival @bkbf @danwilbur @betterbooktitle Lim
Beautiful day @BKBF today. Schmidt
"I write for the same reason I pray; for compassion." #BKbookfestival #mattersoftheheart
Getting ready to see Ta-Nehisi Coates! #bkbookfestivalAm K.
Pete Hamill: "Area code 201, where the sun among other things goes to die." #bkbookfestival Short
Breaking! Paul Auster likes D’Amicos! #bkbookfestival Short
RingShout Reading – Bookend Event @ Franklin Park Bar and Beer Garden – 618 St Johns Pl, Bklyn tonight @ 7pm #blackwomenslit #bkbookfestivalSaidah

Photo: manny hernandez via Twitter

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