Open Thread: The Most Beautiful Building In Brooklyn Heights

October 1, 2012

If you thought Best Burger in Brooklyn Heights was a tough choice, we continue the Brooklyn Heights Blog’s Best Of The Heights Open Thread with a category that I, for one, find next to impossible—thanks to an embarrassment of neighborhood riches…

What do you regard as the Most Beautiful Building in the Heights? Church, residential, commercial, whatever makes you swoon every time you walk by. As long as it’s made of wood, brick, concrete or masonry, has a door and windows, it’s up for consideration. Please include the address and why you believe it’s the consummate in architectural splendor.

If you’ve missed previous “Best Of” surveys, see them here: Best Burger, Best Dry Cleaner, Best Pizza Pie, Best Handyman, Best Car Service and Best Vet & Dog Walker. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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