Cobble Hill Residents Request Later Park Closure To Avoid Parking Tickets

October 15, 2012

Neighborhood residents are calling for a pushback on the closing time of Cobble Hill Park in an effort to reduce traffic tickets, following what the Brooklyn Paper deems “a mini-ticket blitz that (leaves) late-night visitors facing costly summonses.” A burgeoning group is fighting to extend the park’s curfew from 9 to 10 p.m. amid complaints that cops are issuing $250 tickets for “harmless after-hours activities,” bounded by Congress, Clinton & Henry streets and Verandah Place.

Community Board 6 recently met with members of the Cobble Hill Association to discuss the issue, insisting that later hours for the park would decrease the number of superfluous summonses. Detective Paul Grudzinski of the 76th Precinct counters, “We’re not looking to storm in 5 minutes after closing, then start writing tickets, but we have to enforce the rules fairly and across the board”—although he said that he supports the later curfew, which would also put the park in line with nearby Carroll Park’s hours. Read the full Brooklyn Paper story here. (Photo: Chuck Taylor)

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Source: Cobble Hill Blog

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