#Sandy You’re Freaking Brooklyn Out! UPDATED

October 28, 2012

As Tropical Storm Sandy approaches Brooklyn, folks are flocking to area stores to stock up on supplies. This, in turn, is burning up the Twitter with observations, gripes and comments about the situation. Read the Tale of the Tweets after the jump. Plus, enjoy our special theme song for the storm from the Brooklyn based band The Lone Bellow.

#Sandy in Brooklyn Heights and Beyond

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Sun, Oct 28 2012 10:10:12

Trader Joe’s line in Brooklyn #Sandy Park
There was a crazy line to get into trader joes this morning, can’t imagine there is anything on the shelf left to buy #brooklyn #sandyCheck Out My Melody
Massive lines in every store here in Brooklyn. Batteries and water sold out everywhere. Stay safe everyone! #sandy #panicCindi Leive
Apparently Brooklyn is carbo loading & making #Sandy sandwiches… Casal
watching #hurricane updates at the laundromat on Franklin Ave. #Sandy #crownheights #brooklyn #NYC Pingree
Fair enough vis-a-vis #Sandy, but come on: some Sout Brooklyn bars better stay open for #NOvsDenAlexander J. Hancock
Looking at that NYC evacuation map, it’s great to know there isn’t an "evacuation center" anywhere in North Brooklyn. #SandyJeff Conklin
Guys, seriously? A line to get into Trader Joe’s? Calm down, people. I honestly expected more from you, Brooklyn. #FrankenstormLeslie Gwinn
Green grocer storm surge #brooklyn #sandy Parees
The supermarket in my Brooklyn neighborhood was packed, people sticking up ahead of hurricane #Sandy been through this do many times #CNNSteve Kastenbaum
Brooklyn Frankenstorm Preparedness Kit #sandy Ellis
It’s like world World War III at the grocery store! #tops #Brooklyn #sandy #stayhomeJordan Rivera
@WNYC Grocery checkout line is 40+ deep. Shoppers using milk crates as all carts & baskets are taken. #sandy #BrooklynHeightsLauren Strayer
Generators and sand bags all over the sidewalk. #hurricanesandy #hurricane #sandy #brooklyn #nyc
I’m also concerned about the fate of this poorly protected scaffolding outside my window #Frankenstorm #Brooklyn Lucci
@nytimes #Sandy. Sandbags made of potting soil in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Wehrle
Dear #Frankenstorm go easy on my bunker – I just feng shui’d it. #BrooklynJ LaLonde
Highly impressed by NYC’s DOT; Brooklyn Heights full of trash carts cleaning drainage areas of leaves & emptying trash #SandyBen Malbon
Grocery store is a mad house. Either there is a special on Brooklyn artisanal water or a storm is coming. I bet on the first. #SandySarah Dell’Aquila

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