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Few Doors Open Monday Along Montague Street Retail Corridor

October 29, 2012

At noon Monday, a vast majority of restaurants and retailers along Brooklyn Heights’ Montague Street corridor were shuttered for the day. Among those open: Custom House, Connecticut Muffin, Subway, Lassen & Hennig, Heights Deli & Convenience, Le Pain Quotidien, Montague Street Bagels and, uh, Verizon Wireless(?). Key Food was also open, with lines out the door as customers were methodically let in.

Several businesses—including Ricky’s NYC, Armando’s, Thai Kitchen and The Heights Salon—failed to heed Homer Fink’s missive that taping windows is basically bunk. The only damage seen… so far… was a toppled newspaper box at the corner of Montague and Henry streets. More pics below. (Main image: Hanco’s/CT)

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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