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No Garbage Collection In Brooklyn Heights Until Further Notice

October 29, 2012

Brooklyn Heights Association Executive Director Judy Stanton shares with BHB: “The word from our local NYC DSNY garage superintendent is that he does not expect to be picking up garbage Monday during the day shift. The garage that services Brooklyn Heights is located in the flood evacuation zone, making collection suspensions likely until the storm subsides.”

In addition, Monday recycling is canceled, most likely all week. Please do not put it out until further notice. Stanton will share updates about garbage collection as the week progresses, adding, “Superintendents will have a difficult time planning ahead, but in the interest of keeping Brooklyn Heights clean, we ask them to hold back garbage until it is certain to be picked up.” Further, if garbage has been put to the curb, she asks to bring it behind front railings, “and do everything necessary to prevent it from becoming airborne during the worst hours of the storm.”

In addition, please keep in mind that public trashcans along streets will also not be emptied as the storm endures.

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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