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Hipsters Trash Bushwick Victorian Home

December 6, 2012

A Paper Mag photo essay shows what happens when a once pristine 1890 Queen Anne home in Bushwick becomes the “Trip House.” The one time Brownstoner Building of the Day is now a graffiti laden party den. The report prompted both Brownstoner and FreeWilliamsburg to write scathing posts about shocking transformation.

Brownstoner writes:

We fear for the future of the building, whose otherwise pristine original bead board walls, fireplaces, wainscotting and other 1890s details have been marred by graffiti at the hands of party-goers. (We don’t mean the art, but rather the stray spray paint on non-painted surfaces, such as mirrors.)

FreeWilliamsburg simply calls the party people who reportedly defaced the home, “a bunch of clueless Bushwick asshats.”

As for the original piece in Paper Mag:

An enterprising group of individuals have miraculously persuaded the new owners of a grand old four-story, seven-bathroom, three-kitchen house in Bushwick to let them throw huge, wild parties on the property until the ultimate fate of the house is decided (i.e. torn down, or renovated and split into apartments). Throughout the fall, they’ve been promoting parties here, at the “Trip House,” catering to the Williamsburg/Bushwick underground art, music and slacker scene. We’ve heard many tales, and finally got a chance to check it out on Saturday, a party called “Gender Blender: Bring Ur Own Microgenre.” …
Among the grungy, young intoxicated masses, several older Hasidic Jewish men, who said they were friends of the owner, curiously roamed throughout the crowds and asked us funny questions like, “Is this what the show Girls is based on?” and “Do these kids go to Pratt? Like, what do they major in? Any of them in real estate?,” interspersed with comments like “I’m not really into culture.”

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