Rolling Stones at Barclay’s Center

December 9, 2012

The Rolling Stones performed at Barclays Center on Saturday night and people tweeted about it. Yes, even Boomers scratching something off their bucket list use social media. (Photo via @nancynewberg)

Rolling Stones at Barclays Center

We know it’s only Rock n Roll and it’s expensive.

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Rolling Stones in Brooklyn – Mick & Keith! wise
Unbelievable, first Rolling Stones concert! So blessed.
15 minutes in and the Stones are blowing the doors off the Barclays Center!! 50 friggin years. World”s greatest rock band! #GLIMMERTWINSLou DiBella
Getting my Ya-Ya’s out with The Rolling Stones at the Barclays! Paint it black! Hammer
"New York, would you please welcome the Rolling Stones!" #StonesNYThe Rolling Stones
#Stones intro video is on, Iggy, perry farrell, scorsese, johnny depp, elton, nick cave, townshend, cate blanchett (!) all testifyingBillboard
We’re sitting next to a dad with three teens at Rolling #Stones show in Brooklyn, all in matching tour tshirts #familyaffairBillboard
Rolling Stones stage at Barclays
Its @JemAswad from Billboard, we’re in our seats at Brooklyns Barclays Center waiting for the Rolling #Stones show to start…Billboard
Rolling Stones. Brooklyn. One less item on the bucket list.
Rolling Stones at Barclays Center. #stillgoingstrong Sports
Tonite! Rolling Stones at Barclays Center, Brooklyn Aitor Zuloaga
Rolling Stones tonite at Barclays Center! NYC Aitor Zuloaga
At Barclays Center for Rolling Stones concert. Crowd filled with baby boomers. Bucket list?? G. Bell
So I guess the Rolling Stones are playing at Barclays tonight. Not like I heard two old guys singing "Start Me Up" on the train or anything.julia peters
The Rolling Stones are at Barclays tonight. I was gonna make a joke about them being old, but then I remembered Jay Z is 43.Myles Brown
At the Barclays Center with @SalVulcano to see the Rolling Stones. They just sound checked with Wild Horses. My night is made already.Brian Q Quinn
The cheapest nosebleed seat for tonight’s Rolling Stones concert at Barclays is going for $384 on StubHub…Mike Lobikis
it’d be amazing if everyone boycotted the Barclays/Rolling Stones show.With friends who charge $800 for nosebleed seats, who needs enemiesJason Shaltz

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