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Shake Shack’s Downtown Brooklyn Success Inspires Second BK Locale

February 12, 2013

Downtown Brooklyn’s Shake Shake inarguably changed the face & fortunes of the once-sagging Fulton Mall, convincing many Heights residents to cross Court Street for the first time in years (decades?). Since its December 2011 opening, the burger joint has led to a renaissance, bringing the likes of Starbucks, Brooklyn Industries, H&M, Century 21, Gap, Seattle’s Best, TJ Maxx, Raymour & Flannigan… and on and on…

Union Square Hospitality Group has confirmed a second Shake Shack in Brooklyn this fall at 170 Flatbush Avenue, across from the 18,200-seat Barclays Center, which BHB first tipped in September.

Grub Street reports that the chain is expanding this year in London and Istanbul, and may be coming to the Upper West Side, in addition to Manhattan locations in Madison Square Park and Midtown.

In a press release, Shack Shack acclaims its “modern day roadside” burger stand known for all-natural burgers, flat-top dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more.” CEO Randy Garutti says, “Our second Brooklyn location will be directly across from the Barclays Center and plant us firmly within walking distance of several neighborhoods from Park Slope to Fort Greene. New York City is our hometown, and the Shack will be the place where New Yorkers can come together to celebrate the best of Brooklyn’s thriving culture, sports and entertainment.” (Photo: Brownstoner)

Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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“Popular sports league” to Knicklyn: Cease and desist

January 26, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we brought you Knicklyn, created by Brooklyn-dwelling Knicks fan Mike Sorisi to bring together fans he thought were being overlooked in the media coverage of the Nets’ invasion of our fair borough.

Response to Knicklyn on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and tumblr had been enthusiastic, so enthusiastic that Sorisi recently started selling a line of Knicklyn gear, an endeavor that is about to come to a screeching halt.

From Sorisi today:

“Knicklyn has been pressured by a popular sports league to temporarily restrict the online sale of all “Knicklyn” goods and apparel or face substantial legal action.  Despite meeting with and receiving clearance from several trademark lawyers prior to the launch of the site, this large sports association still feels the “Knicklyn” logo infringes upon their trademarks and intellectual properties.  We have attempted to reach an amicable agreement with said sports league but were left with only two options; either pay millions of dollars in licensing fees, or shut down all together.”

Reached by phone on Sunday, Sorisi sounded discouraged but undaunted.

“This isn’t a big deal,” he said. “It’s not going to slow me down.”

While unsurprised by the NBA’s action, he didn’t think it would come quite this quickly, and he pointed out that the objection is not with Knicklyn itself, but with the decision to sell goods that could represent copyright infringement.

He toyed with some design changes to his merchandise, but decided ultimately to suspend sales as he contemplates his next moves.

“This is only a temporary setback,”  he said.

And given the response to his announcement about ceasing sales, which Sorisi characterized as “great” and “positive,” along with an article in the NY Post about this recent development, he might be right when he says, “This isn’t a bad bump. It’s a good bump.”

Read Sorisi’s full letter here, and let us know what you think. Corporate behemoth strangling creative expression and fandom? Or legitimate copyright infringement?


Originally posted on January 27, updated January 28 with additional information.


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Smashing Pumpkins at Barclays Center

December 11, 2012

The Smashing Pumpkins were supposed to play Barclays Center on Halloween, but Hurricane Sandy caused the show to be rescheduled to last night. As usual, folks tweeted photos and added their own commentary. Fans of Post Modern music got to take in the latest version of the band – leader Billy Corgan is the only remaining original member – and had mixed reviews.

Eric Sunderman writes in the Village Voice:

Seeing the Smashing Pumpkins now isn’t like seeing the Smashing Pumpkins in 1990. Or 1995. Or 1998. Or pretty much any other time in their 20-plus year history. Seeing the Smashing Pumpkins now is a bit like randomly running into that first love of yours from high school, but now that first love from high school has put on a little bit of weight, talks about “big” concepts like “love” and “hate” and “other bullshit” that just all sound pretentious, and still, despite being the one who broke up with you, unashamedly references the past and how good things were back then. And when you’re with this person from high school, you immediately remember: “Oh yeah. This is why we broke up. This person is a terrible.” But at the same time, you can’t prevent those old familiar feelings from coming to the surface. You get a taste of what things used to be like. You feel that subtle chemistry again. You remember the first time you kissed. You remember the first time you held hands. You remember the first time you locked eyes. Or in the case of seeing Billy Corgan walk on stage, you remember the first time you heard “Tonight, Tonight.”

Smashing Pumpkins at Barclays Center

Party like it’s 1999.

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Tue, Dec 11 2012 08:10:35

We saw Smashing Pumpkins last night at Barclays Center. Some thoughts about the evening: CC: @BillySound of the City
The @SmashingPumpkin closed out their tour last night at @BarclaysCenter, and The House List has pics:
Smashing Pumpkins Crowd Shot at Barclays #smashingpumpkins #newyork #nyc #brooklyn #sp #ba @ Barclays Center
Smashing indeed, @Billy. #pumpkins #brooklyn @ Barclays Center Farrell
The Smashing Pumpkins — Barclays Center — 12/10/12: Better than: No Smashing Pumpkins. Billy Corgan just kind… Wug
I saw the Smashing Pumpkins last night at the Barclays Center and wrote about it for the @VillageVoice: J. Sundermann
Smashing Pumpkins and stuff @ Barclays Center steward
First visit to Barclays Center, got to see The Smashing Pumpkins tonight #barclays #downto @ Barclays Center Zanghi
Smashing Pumpkins from the floor of the Barclays Center. Rodriguez
I forgot how much I love the Smashing Pumpkins @ Barclays Center
Watching Billy Corgan play some Smashing Pumpkins songs with strangers. @ Barclays Center
A teenage dream come true. Smashing Pumpkins with @themattlittle @ Barclays Center Little
Smashing Pumpkins still killing it…new members are impressive! #barclays #nyc #brooklyn #music #wherebrook
Smashing Pumpkins @ Barclays Center
Behind the blur: the Smashing Pumpkins… #hereisnowhy @ Barclays Center Brooklyn Brewery
The Smashing Pumpkins @ Barclays Center. Billy still soundin like Billy. Murphy
Barclays is a beautiful, friendly spaceship that serves fish tacos and Fatty’cue. And Smashing Pumpkins are together again. Delightful!Julie Sharbutt
The Smashing Pumpkins. 20 years late to this party. @ Barclays Center
#barclays smashing pumpkins are pretty good!
Heyyyyy Smashing Pumpkins @ Barclays Center
Smashing Pumpkins! @ Barclays Center savan
Smashing Pumpkins 3D shoot at Barclays Center Harper

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Rolling Stones at Barclay’s Center

December 9, 2012

The Rolling Stones performed at Barclays Center on Saturday night and people tweeted about it. Yes, even Boomers scratching something off their bucket list use social media. (Photo via @nancynewberg)

Rolling Stones at Barclays Center

We know it’s only Rock n Roll and it’s expensive.

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Sat, Dec 08 2012 18:36:23

Rolling Stones in Brooklyn – Mick & Keith! wise
Unbelievable, first Rolling Stones concert! So blessed.
15 minutes in and the Stones are blowing the doors off the Barclays Center!! 50 friggin years. World”s greatest rock band! #GLIMMERTWINSLou DiBella
Getting my Ya-Ya’s out with The Rolling Stones at the Barclays! Paint it black! Hammer
"New York, would you please welcome the Rolling Stones!" #StonesNYThe Rolling Stones
#Stones intro video is on, Iggy, perry farrell, scorsese, johnny depp, elton, nick cave, townshend, cate blanchett (!) all testifyingBillboard
We’re sitting next to a dad with three teens at Rolling #Stones show in Brooklyn, all in matching tour tshirts #familyaffairBillboard
Rolling Stones stage at Barclays
Its @JemAswad from Billboard, we’re in our seats at Brooklyns Barclays Center waiting for the Rolling #Stones show to start…Billboard
Rolling Stones. Brooklyn. One less item on the bucket list.
Rolling Stones at Barclays Center. #stillgoingstrong Sports
Tonite! Rolling Stones at Barclays Center, Brooklyn Aitor Zuloaga
Rolling Stones tonite at Barclays Center! NYC Aitor Zuloaga
At Barclays Center for Rolling Stones concert. Crowd filled with baby boomers. Bucket list?? G. Bell
So I guess the Rolling Stones are playing at Barclays tonight. Not like I heard two old guys singing "Start Me Up" on the train or anything.julia peters
The Rolling Stones are at Barclays tonight. I was gonna make a joke about them being old, but then I remembered Jay Z is 43.Myles Brown
At the Barclays Center with @SalVulcano to see the Rolling Stones. They just sound checked with Wild Horses. My night is made already.Brian Q Quinn
The cheapest nosebleed seat for tonight’s Rolling Stones concert at Barclays is going for $384 on StubHub…Mike Lobikis
it’d be amazing if everyone boycotted the Barclays/Rolling Stones show.With friends who charge $800 for nosebleed seats, who needs enemiesJason Shaltz

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Jay-Z Meets Ellen Grossman on the Subway, the Internet Goes Wild

December 6, 2012

To get to his 8th and final show opening Barclays Center, Jay-Z took the subway. The videos of him being a “regular guy” have been well circulated over that last couple of weeks. Perhaps the most “New York” of them all is one documenting Hova sitting next to artist Ellen Grossman. She had no idea that he was famous. The mega-star, who is also a minority owner of the Brooklyn Nets, took it in stride and the video of the resulting conversation between the two has gone viral.

New York Magazine writes:

Now that the clip has taken off, “my friends have all gotten in touch with me, and I have a zillion requests to be Facebook friends with people,” said Grossman. Her jealous 12-year-old granddaughter said, “I wish I could hang out with Jay-Z, too.” And yes, she’d definitely be willing to collaborate with Jay, suggesting that maybe her work with chain-link fences would match his aesthetic. “I don’t think I’m capable of altering what I do to tailor to him, but I think there might be some intersection,” she said.

Tanzina Vega writes in the NYT’s Media Decoder:

When I got into the office in the morning, I watched the clip that was embedded in a Gawker post with the headline, “Jay-Z Rides the Subway, Adorably Explains Who He Is to an Adorable Old Lady”

My immediate reaction? That’s no “adorable old lady,” that’s my dear friend Ellen Grossman. In an instant she had gone from being a largely anonymous New York artist, to Ellen Grossman, the Amiable New Yorker Who Asked Jay-Z if He Was Famous as He Was on the Way to Performing at the Barclays Center.

Tablet Magazine writes:

“Jay-Z sat down next to me and I did not recognize him, but everyone was taking his picture. But I thought, because I didn’t recognize him, that it still could have been a flash mob. I know people do fake celebrity stuff. So I said what was on the video ‘Are you famous?’ and he said ‘Yes’ and I believed him. I asked what his name was and he said ‘Jay’ and I didn’t catch that it was Jay-Z and after we were talking for a while I thought ‘He’s pretty famous,’ I noticed his security people and we were in a little bubble because they were around us and then I asked ‘What’s your name again?’ and he said ‘Jay-Z.’ We had a really great conversation, it felt really genuine.”

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Patti Smith Says Barclays Center is Like a Cockroach

December 4, 2012

Patti Smith and Neil Young played Barclays Center Monday night and, naturally, folks tweeted about it.

One fan wrote, “patti smith just likened the barclays center to a cockroach… while playing barclays center.”

(photo via @MarkFischel)

Patti Smith at Barclay’s Center

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Mon, Dec 03 2012 18:34:03

patti smith just likened the barclays center to a cockroach… while playing barclays center. Riley Fields
I could be wrong but I think Patti Smith is putting on a legendary performance at Barclays right now.Michael Hogan
Patti Smith doing her thing
Patti Smith has rocked my world once again!
Patti Smith + Neil Young @ Barclays. Patti changed my lifeMichelle
Patti Smith’s Land -> Gloria is just as incredible in 2012 as it was 35 years ago. She’s a national treasure.Matt Urban
“@shannynmoore: Patti Smith is literally rocking my world! #Brooklyn”Met her once, delightful and inspiring woman.Aaron Vallely
Patti SmithからNeil Youngへセットチェンジ中。クルーは全員災害救援隊のコスチュームです。 @ Barclays Center Watanabe
RT @pulmyears: I love Patti! Nice pic, too, Shannyn! RT @shannynmoore: Patti Smith is literally rocking my world! #Brooklyn roberts

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The Who at the Barclays Center: Not A Teenage Wasteland

November 17, 2012

When a friend asked me last summer if I wanted to see the Who at the Barclays Center in November, I said yes, but not without reservations.

A Who fanatic through high school, college, and early adulthood, I’d seen them once before, in 1989, when we were both a lot younger, they in their 40’s, I in my 20’s, when it was easier to pretend that they were a band in their prime.

So it was with some trepidation that I headed to the Barclays Center last Thursday night, and with satisfaction that I left it.

First impressions of the venue are that it’s gone overboard in an attempt for sleek, Brooklyn coolness. Its darkness—both in décor and in lighting—feels more foreboding than urban hip, and at least for this particular event, which did not pack the house, the arena itself felt like a vacuous barn.

The men on the stage were undeniably old, and someone tweeted to me during the show, “Enjoy the Two!”, referring to the absent Keith Moon, who died in 1978, and John Entwistle, who died in 2002.

But instead of avoiding the passing of their youth and bandmates, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend invoked them, the screens behind the stage regularly displaying images of the very young Who, in their 30’s when Quadrophenia, the centerpiece of the show, was released in 1973.

At several points, the musicians on the screen replaced those on the stage, bass player Pino Palladino stepping aside during one number so that Entwistle’s performance, projected on the screen, is the one that the audience heard; Keith Moon reprised his role as the Bell Boy in the song of the same name and treated those in attendance to an extended drum solo, while current drummer Zak Starkey (son of Ringo Starr) looked on.

Quadrophenia is the story of a British mod in the 1960’s, and the band played it, uninterrupted, start to finish; while the quality and complexity of the music stand up nearly 40 years later, a sense of anachronism couldn’t help but pervade the performances of two men in their late 60s singing about youthful disaffection.

The largely middle-aged Barclays Center crowd received appreciatively the performance of Quadrophenia, but predictably, it was the “greatest hits” part of the show (“Who Are You?”, “Baba O’Riley,” “Behind Blue Eyes,” “Won’t Get Fooled Again”) that brought it to its feet.

Known for transcendent live performances in its heyday, this version of the Who set more modest goals and achieved them, successfully linking the band’s past and present. And if the performances relied a little too heavily on the band’s former selves, the audience was happy to indulge them.

Were you there? What did you think?

Photo: Alison Wright via Twitter

The Who at Barclays Center

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Tue, Nov 20 2012 18:40:09

Rocking Who concert last night at the new Barclays Centre Brooklyn. Wright
@scharpling Keith Moon on the screen during Bellboy. Who @ Barclays Center hanratty
Pete Townsend/ The Who/Brooklyn hanratty

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Nets’ Announcer Ian Eagle Comes Home (sort of) To Brooklyn

November 8, 2012

Last Saturday night, the Nets finally got to call Brooklyn their own when they played the Sandy-delayed opener in their new Barclays Center home, beating the Toronto Raptors 107-100.

Their announcer of 18 years, Ian Eagle, had to wait a little longer to make his Brooklyn debut, calling his first game on Monday when the Nets lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Eagle became part of the Nets broadcast team in 1994 and joined the YES network, the Nets’ television home, 10 years ago. And though he grew up in Queens, coming to the Barclays Center is a sort of homecoming.

“My dad was from Brooklyn,” Eagle said last week, preparing to head out of town to cover the NFL.  “He went to Erasmus Hall for high school, and that was his life, growing up in Brooklyn.”

“After my father got divorced, his first wife lived in Brooklyn, and I spent weekends in Brooklyn with her for the first five years of my life. I remember going to Prospect Park, getting off at the Church Avenue station; she had an apartment on Caton Avenue, and Brooklyn made up a lot of my childhood memories. It definitely made an impression on me.”

Eagle also spent time in Mill Basin, as a teenager frequently visiting a sister who lived there. “I used to go out there about a once a month,” he said. “Growing up in Queens, the only frame of reference I had for an indoor mall was Kings Plaza.”

Eagle’s first impressions of his return to Brooklyn are equally favorable.

“I’m really impressed,” he said. “It’s very tastefully done, not over the top like a lot of the newer buildings. It feels intimate, and the lower bowl feels very close to the action. I went upstairs, too, and for a basketball game, I don’t think there’s a bad seat in the house.”

Of the move across two rivers, from New Jersey to Brooklyn, Eagle said that the first task was persuading the players that it was a good idea. “The biggest challenge initially was convincing players that Brooklyn is a legitimate destination,” he said. “That happened pretty quickly.”

“There’s automatically a fan base in Brooklyn,” he went on. “Knicks’ ans aren’t going to give up their allegiance, but Brooklyn is a proud area, and a number of fans have already accepted this team.

“That’s a byproduct of the pride within the borough. There’s a different vibe with this team.”

While Eagle is enthusiastic about the move, he has no plans to move from his New Jersey home to the Brooklyn.

“I have a 15-year-old and a 13-year-old, and the timing just doesn’t work. But I’ve already done the drive a couple of times and it really hasn’t been that bad at all,” he said.

“I’m Mr. Traffic,” he continued. “I listen to all the traffic reports.”

The Nets’ next home game is Sunday at 3 pm against the Orlando Magic.





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It’s ON! Brooklyn Nets Open Pre-Season at Barclays Center

October 16, 2012

The Brooklyn Nets are a reality so stop you’re whinin’ and start rooting! The Twitterverse is exploding with excitement for our team. Are you rooting for the Nets this season? Check out fan reaction to last night’s game and a video report from the Brooklyn Bugle’s official Nets correspondent Karl Junkersfeld after the jump. Continue Reading…

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Tale of the Tweets: Streisand Comes Home to Brooklyn for Concerts at Barclays Center

October 14, 2012

Brooklynites of a certain age are kvelling this weekend as Barbra Streisand, Erasmus Hall’s favorite alum (with apologies to Neil Diamond, natch) plays a two night stand at the brand spaking new Barclays Center. Some of her classmates were on hand as well as Atlantic Yards Report’s Norman Oder who was making doubly sure traffic in the area was running smoothly.

The Daily News’ Jim Farber writes, “In her very first number, Streisand fiddled liberally with the lyrics of “As If We Never Said Goodbye,” adding shout outs to Erasmus High, her old yeshiva, and salty lox.”

Check out all in action in our the Tale of the Tweets after the jump. Continue Reading…

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