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Nets Vs. Knicks – Clash of the Boroughs Part Two

December 12, 2012

The Knicks returned to Barclays Center tonight to face the Nets in the second Clash of the Boroughs. The Nets won the first outing and while many New Yorkers (of Brooklyn descent) may be torn over who they’re rooting for, judging from tonight’s tweets everyone is in agreement about Spike Lee being fun to watch at a game. Love to hate ’em or love to love ’em?

The Knicks beat the Nets this time around 100 – 97.

#Nets vs. Knicks Redux

The Battle of the Boroughs in the BK part 2.

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Not gonna lie. The only reason why im watching this Nets vs Knicks game is so I can watch spike lee’s reactions to the game.horacio
Spike Lee is from Brooklyn right? So is he still rooting for the Knicks or did he switch over to the Nets? Spike has been a Knicks fan forTI’s Stalker
If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s spike lee talking to the refs like if he’s a coach. Sit down and shutup guy!! Stop your whiningDanny Collado
Spike Lee needs to get the fuck off the court.Kyle Hegel
@JoeandEvan How much more you want the Nets to win to shut up Spike Lee? #Sit Down SpikeKevin
when i grow up, i wanna be the spike lee of the nets’s courtside #aspirationsDarshak Vekaria
I’m not sure who gets away with more uncalled antics, Reggie Evans or Spike Lee.James Collins
Let’s go NETS! (Who have Spike Lee court side tix at Barclays #sitdown)Nicole Ryu
#BrooklynNets takin over NY! Flo Matic
best back back court in the league! #BrooklynNetsJonny Sakin
Let’s go #Nets @BrooklynNets this is our city nowshane
Knicks-nets "rivalry" is a great example of espn trying to manufacture a story so they can cover it. See also: tebow, Tim.Fields and Joe
I want the @brooklynnets to destroy the Knicks!!!Daniel Garcia
Sean Bankhead and his crew before halftime #brooklynnets vs #knicks #halftime Grigsby™
#melo #sheed #knicks #nets Robinson ✈
Watching the #Brooklyn #Nets vs the #NewYork #Knicks Fighting it out….. miranda
AT THE GAME RIGHT NOW!!!! LOOK NUH #Knicks #BrooklynNets @ Barclays Center TROOPA TRALOOPA
OMG knicks made many 3pt shots #Nets have only oneD. Kang T. G.
"@JeanetteJenkins: Okay second half!!!! Knicks or Nets???? Who you rolling with????? #NBA #Knicks #Nets #Brooklyn" bk! FITNESS
#Nets we trending baby so #legoooooo @BrooklynNets #BattleOfTheBoroughsMr. All Black Swag
Cheering the #Nets but this Carmelo Anthony kid ain’t bad for the #knicksRob Esteva
#Knicks slow start vs #Nets, but #melo hits 21 in 1st half #Knicks down by 4, second 1/2 starting all Knicks News freeTHE SOBER ALCOHOLIC
At the #BarclaysCenter this crowd is crazy rowdy Let’s go Knicks. #KnicksNation #Nets #Rivalry Mic Jordan
#knicks vs #nets #brooklyn #newyork Robinson ✈
At halftime, the #Nets lead the @nyknicks 53-49. Joe Johnson has 9 pts, 4 boards and 2 blocks. Reggie Evans adds 12 boards and 5 pts.Brooklyn Nets
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar welcomes Brooklyn #Nets to the city rivalries
I prefer my men below 14th anyway #gonets @brooklynnets #brooklyn #subwayseries #nyknicks @ Barclays Center hillard
Hold on, are there more @nyknicks fans at the Barclays center than @BrooklynNets fans? Lmao this ain’t y’all city #knickstapeMattOnKeyz
My big bro @itsSeanBankhead is choreographing the halftime segmet for tonights Knicks vs Nets game. Look out for that #Barclays #AF1Cam Bankhead
Let’s go BK! @BrooklynNets @BrooklynBball @bkdefend #battleoftheboroughs Horowitz
Spike Lee gotta stop grabbing his jerseys out of Radio Raheem’s closet. Why they always 3x too big on him?Mr. Cox
Spike Lee, who wasn’t here for the first game, is in the building tonight wearing a black-and-orange Bernard King jersey.Tim Bontemps
Spike Lee just said it YOUNGER fans from BK will be NETS fans but OLDER fans like us from BK will NEVER leave the Orange & Blue! #knickstapeJunior
The Association: Brooklyn Nets – Generation Gapnba
The Association: Brooklyn Nets – Digital Episode #1nba

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