Holiday Tipping – What’s the Deal?

December 19, 2012

After you’re done racking your brain figuring out what to buy your loved ones for the holidays it’s time to start thinking about what to tip your service providers. How much and for who can drive you crazy.

The epicenter of etiquette, (yes she’s nothin’ but a website now), advises that holiday tipping is “holiday thanking”. They advise against busting your budget on tips and that you may “consider homemade gifts; and if you’re not good with crafts or in the kitchen, remember that words are always a great way to express your thanks for a year of good service.”

If creating an elbow macaroni self portrait for the nanny isn’t your thing the site suggests one week’s pay and a gift from your child is best for your live in caregiver. One night’s pay and a small gift works for a regular baby sitter. But this is Brooklyn, baby, and that suggestion might just be a little light.

For your super, they suggest $20 – $80 cash. For the door man $15. Again Ms. Post’s site’s suggest may be great for Peoria but in New York City you may want to splurge a little more.

What are your thoughts on holiday tipping?

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