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Nets vs. Knicks at MSG – Blowout is Latin for “Rivalry”

December 20, 2012

The rivalry between the Knicks and Nets is heating up. That is until the Knicks bested Brooklyn handily, 100 -86, on Wednesday night.

Yet, fans took to Twitter for the usual trash talk. Run DMC’s Rev Run took over the Knicks’ feed for the night and for Nets fans that may have been the only interesting thing to happen all night.

Nets vs. Knicks at MSG 12/19/12

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle · Wed, Dec 19 2012 18:17:51

I’ll be taking over the #Knicks Twitter handle for the #Nets game tonight! Follow the @nyknicks so you can check me out! #RevRunTakeoverRev Run
Fathers with our sons @SpikeLee and Rev Run! #RevRunTakeover New York Knicks
Back at MSG for Knicks-Nets. Congrats to Deron Williams on joining the long list of athletes to proudly and audibly pass gas in my presence.Pablo S. Torre
New York is taking this Nets/Knicks rivalry pretty seriously…
In case you didn’t know @RevRunWisdom is hosting tonight. Listen to Rev drop wisdom and chat with him using #RevRunTakeoverNBA New York Knicks
Manhattan vs. Brooklyn, @SpikeLee vs. @S_C_ ?? who will win??”My Daddy’s Famous
John McEnroe was Jill Martin’s guest for MSG’s celeb minute, so he’s here too. Pretty sure I saw Mike D sitting next to Cruz too.Lou DiPietro
Patrick Ewing standing behind John McEnroe during MSG interview. John appears closer to his playing weight.Brian Mahoney
@JillMartin geeze take a breath mcenroe. did you get to ask a question? the guy took up the whole interview with one question.BALLDONTLIE
McEnroe creepingᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ
"@nyknicks: My view! #RevRunTakeover"// @aldosilveroRH Zarza
#Nets > #KnicksBennett Pelastine
There is NO RIVALRY in the #NBA right now that is better than #Knicks vs. #Nets WOW!Carl W. Edmonds
Knicks-Nets. I wound’nt be surprised of this ever becomes an intense rivalry somewhere down the line.Nimer Busool
Amazing "@nyknicks: Old school rules! Me and Ewing! #RevRunTakeover”Charlotte Owen Watts
Mike D has now been shown on the video board as a celeb supporter of the home team at Knicks-Nets games at both Barclays and MSG. #pickasidesam_gardner
The Groupies Cant Even Get My Name Right.. its all good though lol #nolovelost #brooklynnets
Knicks vs Nets at Madison Square Garden #businesstrip Furey
Remember @SpikeLee running on the floor screaming "Come on Ref!!" lol #RevRunTakeoverNBA New York Knicks

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