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Tale of the Tweets: The Gowanus Dolphin #RIP

January 25, 2013

A wayward dolphin found its way into the Gowanus Canal this afternoon. The internet went wild with anticipation and excitement around it’s potential rescue. However a happy ending was not in the cards for the sea mammal we nicknamed “Vito”:

CBS NY: The dolphin that appeared to have lost its way and became stranded in the Gowanus Canal died early Friday evening.

The wayward animal stopped moving shortly after 5:30 p.m. after getting wedged between a rock and a pillar below the Union Street Bridge, 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reported.

Witnesses said they saw the dolphin flop around and struggle and hit its head against a pillar before it stopped moving and began floating.

Gowanus Dolphin, We Hardly Knew Ye

A dolphin lost in the Gowanus Canal, who we named "Vito", enchanted us on January 24.

Storified by Brooklyn Bugle· Fri, Jan 25 2013 18:27:27 there is a #dolphin the the #gowanus canakLeslie Albrecht
Sad to see a dolphin playing in the Gowanus. Police and film crews standing around watching. #Brooklyn Andrew Busch
It’s sad to watch this dolphin stuck in the Gowanus Canal. More depressing to see all the black stuff being churned. Rice
New Gowanus passtime: looking for the dolphin. Seagulls seem unperturbed. Anastas
Never, ever thought I’d see this: dolphin in the Gowanus Canal. Hope this fella will be ok. #Brooklyn Rosenfeld
NYPD is on the scene at Gowanus Canal. Save the dolphin! Hayes
There’s a dolphin miserably trapped in the Gowanus Canal. Poor dolphin! S
Upper left n image: dolphin keeps moving farther & farther up #Gowanus
Dolphin in Brooklyn’s Gowanus canal right now (one of the most toxic waterways in US) Murdock
Dolphin trapped in notoriously toxic Gowanus canal. Biologists, NYPD waiting thru tide cycle before possible rescue Silverman
@BeerVampire A Dolphin is trapped in the Gowanus Canal right now, Animal Rescue is on the scene! Adelfio
People crowding bridge to get pictures of stranded dolphin. #Brooklyn Gowanus Canal. @eyewitnessnyc Fleischer
Dolphin watchers on #Brooklyn Gowanus bridge to see the stranded mammal. @eyewitnessnyc Fleischer
If we had heeded this man’s advice (from 1892!) about the Gowanus Canal, that poor dolphin wouldnt be stuck there today Bowery Boys NYC
Reporting from Carroll Gardens, where a #dolphin is stranded in the #Gowanus canal. #1010WINS Rincon
#dolphin stuck in the polluted #gowanus canal R
Whale and dolphin expert David Kirby just showed up. He is not hopeful. #Gowanus #ParkSlope Marlow
Dolphin stranded in the Gowanus Canal! Injured. Hopefully will swim out w/ tide egan
#dolphin stranded in Gowanus Canal #Brooklyn My Live report @ 4 & 5 @eyewitnessnyc Fleischer
On the Gowanus scene. Kid:"I see the dolphin!"Mom: "no honey, that’s just floating garbage" Epstein
The gowanus dolphin watchers. O. Simonson
The Gowanus Canal Dolphin. #GowanusDolphin O. Simonson
A dolphin in the Gowanus Canal. Maldonado
Basically the dolphin nose that keeps peaking out of the water just shattered my cold heart in to Gowanus. Art Counsel
Dolphin trapped in the highly contaminated Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. #gowanusdolphin
NEW photo of stranded dolphin in Gowanus Canal. Fleischer
Craziest thing dude decided to go hug the dolphin in the Gowanus. Cuddled for a bit then dolphin finally headed out Stewart-Ahn
Just took this pic of #gowanus #dolphin I’d be very surprised if it had any sight left at this point Hunter
Poor Gowanus dolphin. I don’t care what they say, you’re still beautiful. McDonough
sad trapped gowanus dolphin. see sad photo Jacobson
Dolphin stranded in the Gowanus, stuck in garbage and snow. Bowen
A dolphin swims in Brooklyn. Earlier today this dolphin was spotted in the Gowanus Canal. Rescue crews now on scene..ōtsatōs
Went to see the #Gowanus dolphin at 4:30 and have just heard he died. So sad, I really hoped for a happy ending Bradfield
The dolphin that was found swimming in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn has died New York Times
I was out covering the story of the Gowanus dolphin shortly before it died. It wasn’t a good scene. Hamilton

Photo: @frosenblum via Twitter

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