Tale of the Tweets: The Gowanus Dolphin #RIP

A wayward dolphin found its way into the Gowanus Canal this afternoon. The internet went wild with anticipation and excitement around it’s potential rescue. However a happy ending was not in the cards for the sea mammal we nicknamed “Vito”:

CBS NY: The dolphin that appeared to have lost its way and became stranded in the Gowanus Canal died early Friday evening.

The wayward animal stopped moving shortly after 5:30 p.m. after getting wedged between a rock and a pillar below the Union Street Bridge, 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reported.

Witnesses said they saw the dolphin flop around and struggle and hit its head against a pillar before it stopped moving and began floating.

Gowanus Dolphin, We Hardly Knew Ye

A dolphin lost in the Gowanus Canal, who we named "Vito", enchanted us on January 24.

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http://yfrog.com/hsrvnmhj there is a #dolphin the the #gowanus canakLeslie Albrecht
Sad to see a dolphin playing in the Gowanus. Police and film crews standing around watching. #Brooklyn http://pic.twitter.com/nCKSC5biJeremy Andrew Busch
It’s sad to watch this dolphin stuck in the Gowanus Canal. More depressing to see all the black stuff being churned. http://pic.twitter.com/b3qE5ArJDan Rice
New Gowanus passtime: looking for the dolphin. Seagulls seem unperturbed. http://pic.twitter.com/OmIhVXdbBenjamin Anastas
Never, ever thought I’d see this: dolphin in the Gowanus Canal. Hope this fella will be ok. #Brooklyn http://pic.twitter.com/undI4vKRLouis Rosenfeld
NYPD is on the scene at Gowanus Canal. Save the dolphin! http://pic.twitter.com/FTFHKOKXMike Hayes
There’s a dolphin miserably trapped in the Gowanus Canal. Poor dolphin! http://pic.twitter.com/vRP5uFGECori S
Upper left n image: dolphin keeps moving farther & farther up #Gowanus http://pic.twitter.com/SkhuxbEYGowanusYourFaceOff
Dolphin in Brooklyn’s Gowanus canal right now (one of the most toxic waterways in US) http://pic.twitter.com/dnjrWURbRyan Murdock
Dolphin trapped in notoriously toxic Gowanus canal. Biologists, NYPD waiting thru tide cycle before possible rescue http://pic.twitter.com/ToG5zfhYAlex Silverman
@BeerVampire A Dolphin is trapped in the Gowanus Canal right now, Animal Rescue is on the scene! http://pic.twitter.com/UBbqD99ESalvatore Adelfio
People crowding bridge to get pictures of stranded dolphin. #Brooklyn Gowanus Canal. @eyewitnessnyc http://pic.twitter.com/nPTcd7aaTim Fleischer
Dolphin watchers on #Brooklyn Gowanus bridge to see the stranded mammal. @eyewitnessnyc http://pic.twitter.com/3OAnVfAvTim Fleischer
If we had heeded this man’s advice (from 1892!) about the Gowanus Canal, that poor dolphin wouldnt be stuck there today http://pic.twitter.com/0uf7NwJEThe Bowery Boys NYC
Reporting from Carroll Gardens, where a #dolphin is stranded in the #Gowanus canal. #1010WINS http://pic.twitter.com/uhWOPIgWSonia Rincon
#dolphin stuck in the polluted #gowanus canal http://pic.twitter.com/mt9lLC2dFelicia R
Whale and dolphin expert David Kirby just showed up. He is not hopeful. #Gowanus #ParkSlope http://pic.twitter.com/KsyBetHqAmber Marlow
Dolphin stranded in the Gowanus Canal! Injured. Hopefully will swim out w/ tide http://pic.twitter.com/DIx4DHGakat egan
#dolphin stranded in Gowanus Canal #Brooklyn My Live report @ 4 & 5 @eyewitnessnyc http://pic.twitter.com/ITtmLtw2Tim Fleischer
On the Gowanus scene. Kid:"I see the dolphin!"Mom: "no honey, that’s just floating garbage" http://pic.twitter.com/VTWVLWuhDavid Epstein
The gowanus dolphin watchers. http://pic.twitter.com/gNFGbrv9Robert O. Simonson
The Gowanus Canal Dolphin. #GowanusDolphin http://pic.twitter.com/4GoBm5VYRobert O. Simonson
A dolphin in the Gowanus Canal. http://pic.twitter.com/AechlL9RMadeline Maldonado
Basically the dolphin nose that keeps peaking out of the water just shattered my cold heart in to Gowanus. http://pic.twitter.com/dG7TuPFGThe Art Counsel
Dolphin trapped in the highly contaminated Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. #gowanusdolphin http://pic.twitter.com/mMJS034hSurveyBTHS
NEW photo of stranded dolphin in Gowanus Canal. http://pic.twitter.com/OiAtTNLJTim Fleischer
Craziest thing dude decided to go hug the dolphin in the Gowanus. Cuddled for a bit then dolphin finally headed out http://pic.twitter.com/siXsN4WTAaron Stewart-Ahn
Just took this pic of #gowanus #dolphin I’d be very surprised if it had any sight left at this point http://pic.twitter.com/2IxVI8NcFred Hunter
Poor Gowanus dolphin. I don’t care what they say, you’re still beautiful. http://pic.twitter.com/PpuSvkzIConor McDonough
sad trapped gowanus dolphin. see sad photo http://pic.twitter.com/meAT5Z2LPeter Jacobson
Dolphin stranded in the Gowanus, stuck in garbage and snow. http://pic.twitter.com/rRTFnHAkAlison Bowen
A dolphin swims in Brooklyn. Earlier today this dolphin was spotted in the Gowanus Canal. Rescue crews now on scene.. http://pic.twitter.com/Tf8GLlW4billkōtsatōs
Went to see the #Gowanus dolphin at 4:30 and have just heard he died. So sad, I really hoped for a happy ending http://pic.twitter.com/CPD3LQNqKristin Bradfield
The dolphin that was found swimming in the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn has died http://nyti.ms/10Up2mzThe New York Times
I was out covering the story of the Gowanus dolphin shortly before it died. It wasn’t a good scene. http://pic.twitter.com/3tcnKz5VColby Hamilton

Photo: @frosenblum via Twitter

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