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Hotel St. George Sign Returns To Henry Street In Brooklyn Heights

March 20, 2013

The iconic Hotel St. George sign on the corner of Henry and Clark Streets has been refurbished and returned to Brooklyn Heights this morning. Michael Correra at Michael Towne Wines and Spirits wrote us to say that the sign is looking great thanks to the hard work of the folks at Paul’s Signs.

BHB reader Chris Fohlin tweeted us a photo of the sign’s return this morning. Our Heather Quinlan is on her way to get more info….

UPDATE: And here I am, Heather Quinlan, with the latest sign news. According to Correra, “I think the sign is from 1933, though I don’t have any proof. What’s interesting is the man who repaired it said it had square bulbs, and they haven’t used square bulbs since the 1950s.” Correra also recommended a book New York Nights about the history of NYC signage. Featuring the Hotel St. George Sign, square bulbs and all.

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Source: Brooklyn Heights Blog

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