The Top 5 Best And Famous Brooklyn Accents

August 10, 2013

The Brooklyn accent (ahem dialect) is world famous. Here’s our totally arbitrary list of the Top 5 (living) practitioners:

5. Gilbert Gottfried: His signature style put the Brooklyn accent back into the zeitgeist (like it evah left!) with his portrayal of the AFLAC duck. While that didn’t go so well in the end, that role, his many appearances on the Howard Stern Show and his brilliant missive about life here before hipsters land him on our list.

4. Jay-Z: No single person personifies REAL Brooklyn right now more than Jay Z. All the skinny jeans, mustaches, reclaimed barn wood and artisanal whatevers in the world won’t make anyone as genuinely BK than Hova from Bed-Stuy. (And for the time being, we’ll overlook this.)

3. Larry King: It’s LARRY KING. Come on! He wrote the book about how awesome Brooklyn is…

2. Barbra Streisand: Poppa can you heyah me? And we mean a different sort of Streisand effect here.

1. Andrew Dice Clay: This month, Clay is enjoying a career resurgence which is great since Sheepshead Bay’s own personifies real Brooklyn – we get knocked down but we get up again. As the MTV VMAs head to the Barclay’s Center to capitalize on “hipster magic”, it just seems right to name the comic who is banned for life from the channel our #1 rep of the Brooklyn accent.

Who’s in your Top 5?

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