Those Sick NYC Quits TV Ads Should End With The Bloomberg Nanny State

January 8, 2014

Mike Bloomberg, the former Nanny King of NYC, is no longer in power. Now that we’re on a new “adventure” with our new Mayor “Che” de Blasio, isn’t it time to end those sick, disgusting, exploitive NYC Quits television ads?

The latest round is particularly despicable and the folks featured in them deserve much better treatment than to be dragged out as the REASON YOU SHOULDN’T SMOKE. We live in America, people, and if you want to shorten your life a minute at a time with those demon coffin nails, have at it. Please don’t spend our public money on stating the obvious to those with free will. Ever hear of Darwin?

Go ahead NYC Quits, hand out those nicotine patches and help people — that’s a good thing. But for the love of all that is holy GET THOSE TV ADS OFF THE AIR. They only scare children and not smokers. And if scaring kids is your main goal then.. GFY.

What do you think? Comment away!

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